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Monroe Xian

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of NEWS FP

Digital cameras have come a long way since the film area. Although we still love those old time devices, but they are not as practical as the new advance digital cameras. Today’s photography is filled with many choices, and with plenty of confusing specs that may make it difficult for beginners to get into this magical world of photography. Professional and novice photographers always look to spend their money value on what will give them the most bang for their buck, but it’s always a challenge to choose which photography arsenal they should spend their hard earned money on. Companies like Canon and Nikon have established a name for their selves when it comes to photography, and they have their very loyal customers for their brand which makes it a hassle for a new company to enter the arena. This might be an over statement, and it might not be that difficult to such level of impossibility. Sony is getting into the digital photography world with full-throttle, and setting the bar for new digital cameras a bit higher than what is on the market.
Sony Alpha series made a name for itself by being a heavy feature packed devices which made it stand out against competitors like Canon and Nikon in the camera range. Alpha series is the advance DSLR cameras from Sony, offering a verity of features that isn’t included in the other digital cameras. Many of those features will impress beginners and enthusiasts, and may appeal for professionals. Although professionals may take a bit more to be persuade that’s why Sony is also introducing the Full-frame camera.
The latest camera models from Sony covers photographers of all levels casual, beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals. Those models offer the top of the line specs in their level and price range which makes them your new choice. Features like the highest pixel density that the camera sensor can offer, high frame rate of continuous shooting, Award winning translucent mirror technology, high definition digital eye view finder, and others like panorama sweep, auto HDR mode, creative style, 3D pictures, and Auto focus for video mode. Those features are very difficult to have with other manufacturers all in one camera, but Sony is including them all in one device. Other than the features, the image quality is also very competitive with the rest of the cameras in their range.
This long step from Sony in the digital camera industry will make it a solid choice to be considered when making a purchasing decision. Sony for sure will continue to introduce more advanced digital cameras, and will push the limits of digital photography. Sony being in the arena will make it difficult for other companies, but this is a very good thing when competition is ignited among them. Competition will create creativity, and will make the next generation digital cameras. IEP TIMES Finally Make Dailylife Trip From UW By Bus in Seattle TECHNOLOGY SONY DSLR: Yay or Nay? Musashi's HEALTH Obesity in America
Be willing for obesity decade Chinese New Year Celebration!! Jazz in Seattle; One of the Most Jazz-oriented Cities Endangered Puget Sound Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab Spring STUDENTS' FAVORITE NEWSPAPER TUE, MARCH 12, 2013 NEWS CLASS by Tareg Aldighaither by Misun Hwang On a rainy day as usual, when you drop by a jazz club, you will encounter astonishing Seattle based teams. Seattle is the best place for jazz-lovers because a fabulous performance is held at over two dozen jazz clubs almost every day and musicians perform high- quality playing. Besides, you can enjoy live jazz music while you have tasty dish and drinks with your friends easily and cozily. Seattleites are so affectionate to their local jazz music that they could not find seats to appreciate without reservation during the weekend. Moreover, they have contributed to foster next jazz musicians in some schools in Seattle such as Edmonds-Woodway, Roosevelt and Garfield High Schools. Well then, why couldn’t they help but love their local jazz?
The history of jazz in Seattle
Seattle has had an outstanding jazz history. In as early as 1918, an authentic black jazz scene started to come up around Jackson Street and Twelfth Avenue. As numerous soldiers and civilians came to Seattle by means of developing the defense industry, clubs in Seattle thrived between 1937 and 1951 due to a plentiful supply of soldiers and civilians who looked for a good time, made Seattle a boomtown for musicians. These lively scenes raised the early careers of Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, and Ernestine Anderson. Like these famous musicians, whereas some musicians in Seattle went to other region like New York to have national careers, others never became well known outside their region, but when famous touring musicians came to town, they treated these Seattle players as peers. For this reason, the local musicians may not have taken to the road, and they kept an authentic tradition alive at home. However, Jackson street clubs which had flourished until early 1960’s had to finish their heyday because people thought this area is not safe anymore.
As west coast jazz leader
Though the current fame is not the same as the golden days’, the local musicians are more likely to have a legacy from tradition and they have showed splendid performances. Thus, jazz music in Seattle will prosper again as far as Seattleites have a pride of leading west coast jazz and they have a deep affection about jazz music. In addition to the regular jazz festival, Earshot Jazz Festival, held every fall, there are a lot of performances every single day in about fifty places in Seattle. If you have never been a jazz club in Seattle, how about experiencing Earshot Spring Series in this coming spring? Upcoming series of jazz in Seattle
Art of Jazz Series (Seattle Art Museum Downtown):
Performances held at 5:30 PM on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Free with museum admission. http://www.earshot.org/Events/Art_of_Jazz.htmlEarshot Spring Series http://www.earshot.org/Events/spring.htmlJazz Ally http://www.jazzalley.com/calendar.asp
Wednesday and Thursday, discount for student, reservation only Tula’s http://tulas.com/calendar.html Useful jazz site for diggings http://seattlejazzscene.com/
KPLU 88.5 FM - NPR NEWS and All that Jazz
Grab Earshot Jazz at many café
And club in Seattle to get information about jazz. MUSIC POLITICS by Ahmed Alharfi The Arab Spring, which hit some Middle East countries and could move to the rest of these countries, has its early signs in some countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The GCC countries are well-known as the biggest oil exporting countries, and any political hazards that could happen there will affect the prices of oil which will skyrocket to unanticipated prices. The GCC has external and internal threats that might lead to instability in the Persian Gulf countries.
Iran with its powerful army and plans to have a foothold in the Gulf area has been working for decades, and the radical regime has been interfering in Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen for about ten years. Not only this, but also there have been a lot of calls from a number of "mullahs" that are closely related to the army and President Ahmadinejad to free the two holly cities of Mecca and Medina which are occupied by the Wahhabi Saudi government. These calls were not regarded seriously by the Gulf regimes; however, because of the retreat of the United States from the Middle East, Iran is in more powerful position and its hostile attitude to the Gulf countries becomes clearer than how it was lately. GCC countries are fighting Iran by supporting the Free Army in Syria, the Yemeni new regime, and by interfering in Bahrain against the Shia rebellions. Unfortunately, this threat is not the only serious threat to the region's rulers. Gulf countries have no well-trained army nor do they have the weapons that can enforce them if they have a war against Iran. Some opposition parties and reformers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait have demonstrations against these governments ranging from calling the king to step down in Bahrain to calling for real reforms in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In addition, the majority of the population in these countries is under the age of 20 years old with no promising future due to the high rate of poverty, unemployment and corruption. Arrest and subjugation in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are increasing daily, and the people who used to have close relations with the monarchy started to struggle for their rights. The successions in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar are big issues that no one has a clear idea about. This vague issue makes people uncertain if their countries are stable and safe or not. One could ask: will the Arab Spring take place in the Gulf area? It is hard to predict but it is clear that if the Arab Spring hits one country, the rest of the GCC countries will be affected at once. The rulers of these countries should work out the issues of detention, poverty, and unemployment before these threats gets more complicated. Otherwise, the critical issues will be good reasons for the Creative Chaos to hit the GCC. Jazz Ally, the most famous jazz clubs in Seattle, during the Earshot jazz festival 2012 by Miki Yamamoto values, and will of the people who live and work in the region. ‘There are 42 different toxic chemicals in the river.” Alberto Rodriguez, a program manager of DRCC, said, “Those sediments are in the bottom of river and sea. It piles over 10 meters.” It is impossible to see the serious situation under the water. There is another project to conserve the water quality of Puget Sound. “Puget Sound Starts Here” is a partnership of regional governments dedicated to improving the water quality in Puget Sound and our local lakes, rivers and streams. They claim that drains contained car oil, trashes and chemical substances flow to Puget Sound; in other words, people’s daily life influences to Puget Sound directly. You can find their signs anywhere on the street, even in the University District. While there are some problems about water pollution, there are conflicts concerning the seawall, which ranges from 75 to almost 100 years old on the waterfront. Although the Waterfront is one of the most popular places for tourists in Seattle, the Waterfront Seawall is the point where it may completely fail in an earthquake or large storm. This would cause collapses of the Alaskan Way, waterfront piers and businesses such as the ferry terminal or aquarium. It’s definitely time to replace the seawall, however, some claims that the seawall is not good for the waterfront environment. Salmon are very important species for people in Seattle from the past, but salmon suffer all their life due to the seawall. Because of it, salmons cannot swim into rivers for giving birth and often hit the wall and eventually die. So there’s a conflict between people who support the idea of replacing the seawall and people who support the idea of changing it into natural shoreline. This issue was voted in November 2012 and replacement was decided, even though some problems still remain concerning money and terms of construction. To sum it up, Seattle’s government faces some issues, which should be solved as soon as possible, and the Seattle citizens’ active commitment will be required. The Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition (DRCC/TAG) has been working since 2001 to perform a thorough cleanup of south Seattle, Washington’s Lower Duwamish River. DRCC works to ensure that the Duwamish River Superfund cleanup not only restores environmental health and protects fishers and families who use the river, but also reflects the priorities, WASHINGTON---Even in “The Emerald City”, there are some controversial problems in terms of water pollution. Seattle is famous for being one of the most active cities for environmental conservation in the United States, but it faces some serious problems concerning its water. ENVIRONMENT by Heather Seattle is a perfect city for people looking for enjoying and feeling the calm and inspirational atmosphere. Thanks to the unique rainy weather in Seattle, people can relax and hang loose by sinking into moods where all the people and things expose their innate colors. For the student who may feel bored by studying hard, I’d like to introduce Seattle’s attractive places you can go easily from UW by bus. Places to enjoy Seattle’s unique atmosphere (From UW to Downtown Seattle)Pike Place Market (take 70,71,72,73)Pike Place Market is the oldest farmers’ market in the United States where offers unique food and a lot of fresh seafood. Don’t forget to visit the First Starbucks Coffee Shop and hold a cup of coffee while walking on the street. Space needle (take 32) Space needle is a Seattle’s signature building for a 360° incredible view of the city both during the day and at night. Riding up the fast elevator to the 520’ observation deck and enjoying gorgeous view are a must-do in Seattle.Seattle Public Central Library (take 43,49,71,72,73) Seattle Public Central Library always attracts public gaze. Also the internal programs such as free ESL classes with many types of classes such as Talk time and English classes are enough to turn people’s steps into here as well. Places to feel artistic moods (from UW to Downtown)
Seattle Art Museum (SAM) (take 70,71,72,73)
Seattle Art Museum offers an outstanding collection and special exhibits. On the first Thursdays, SAM collections are included in All free day programs. Although the special exhibits doesn’t included in free day programs, students still can get discount with Student ID.
Chihuly Garden & Glass (take 32)
Chihuly is an American glass artist from Seattle. At Chihuly Garden and Glass, you can find the inspirations and experience Chihuly’s most significant series of work through day and night, rain or shine.
Art Galleries near Pioneer Square (take 70,71,72,73)
Around Pioneer Square, you can find more than 50 galleries that hold exhibits in contemporary, painting, multimedia, photography, design and so on. If you admire arts pioneer square’s artistic moods will fulfill your needs.
Cafes to taste the Hometown of Coffee (From UW to Capitol Hill by bus 49)
Roy Street Coffee & Tea
Roy Street Coffee & Tea is where you can enjoy great coffees, teas, food, wines, and beers. This café is also a place for watching movies, enjoying live music, or just settling in with a great read with drinks.
Stump Town Coffee Roasters
Stump Town always focuses on the quality by maintaining the deepest, quality-based, relationships with farmers. This cafe has showing place of coffee processing and supplies its own coffee beans to other coffee shops.

Parks to see Seattle's fascinating scenery
Kerry Park (take 32, 70/71/72 and 2)
If you want to see the spectacular view of the skyline, including the landmark Space Needle, Kerry Park is a perfect scenic point for you. Especially in the New Year, people are crowded here to see the New Year’s fireworks from Space needle.
Gas Works Park (take 31,32)
Gas Works Park is a big turf-bound hill where people enjoy sunlight in the daytime and stare the cityscape of Seattle at night. You can always do activities on the greens. Especially, here is a fantastic spot to watch the Independence Day Fireworks on the 4th of July.
Olympic Sculpture Park (take 32, 72/73 and 13)
Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park features a variety of outdoor sculpture in the 9-acre space. While walking on Z-shaped path, you can see a constructed landscape and can feel architects’ vision for city’s energy by collaborating artworks between art, landscape, architecture and infrastructure. Any time of year, shine or rain, Seattle always gives inspirations and vitalities to people’s lives. By just enjoying the rich scents of coffee, walking around on the streets, lying down on the greens of parks, you can get energy from downtown, nature, and people in Seattle. Let’s make dailylife trip and fertilize your mind in everyday life. TRAVEL Seoul is an excellent place to visit! by Michelle I was born in Seoul. Seoul is the capital city of KOREA. Seoul has many things to offer, and is an excellent place to visit. There are a lot of cities in South Korea, but Seoul is the best city for a foreigner in many ways. Seoul is a beautiful place, and a good place to live. Public transportation such as buses and subway is excellent in Seoul. Particularly, the subway is very clean and fast. I always travel by underground. We will travel by subway. The place you should visit is Seoul! When you visit Seoul you must be go to Hoing-ik University. You need to take the subway line no. 2 at the entrance of the university. I like the street of Hoing-ik University because first, there are so many place to shop. Also, there are lots of famous food restaurants too. Second, There are a lot of young people. Third, There are very energetic places to go. Among the stores, I like the free-market every Saturday in Hong-ik University playground. People bring their hand-made goods to sell. Accordingly, free-market has many kinds of goods. Clothes, accessories, shoes and even music is produced by people there. Whenever the free-market opens, the small concert makes it even more enjoyable. People go to free-market to look for something that others do not have. Individuality is its main attraction, if you have time you should go here to buy a present for a friend, but you shouldn't drink SO-JU. Also, when you visit Seoul you must be go Gyeong-bok-gung. You can take the subway line no. 3 at the entrance of Gyeon-gbo-kgung. This Palaces were built in Cho-sun Dynasty. Here you will need to an interpretation machine. This is definitely one of the places people have to visit while in KOREA, because it surrounds you with a lot of Korean history and culture. The Gyeong-bok-gung provides an English tour. The English tour is especially helpful in order to appreciate its history and beauty. If you visit in autumn, you can see a great place in autumn foliage. It's most beautiful in the fall. When you visit Seoul you must go to Jong-no 3-ga.You can take the subway line no. 1 and no. 3 and no. 5 to the entrance of Jong-no 3-ga. you ought to walk, because there is always a traffic jam in this area. Go to the Cheong-gye-cheon stream which a famous place. The Cheong-gye-cheon is the place which Seoul has developed recently. Gwang-hwa-mun Plaza, located between Myeong-dong and Gyeong-bok-gung reopened after a massive 15-month renovation. The plaza, including the statues of King Se-jong and Admiral Yi and the underground exhibition rooms have become essential sightseeing destinations. It is better to visit at night better than day, because the view is wonderful, and you can see the splendid lightings and fountains You can relax from your daily tiredness while walking in nature that doesn't seem like a city. The events and festivals that go on here every weekend are fantastic. Here I’m sure you will want to take many pictures. Its construction was completed in 2005 and Cheong-gye-cheon is now a beautiful tourist attraction and a leisure place for Koreans. In addition to these, there are a lot of good places you could be go and see. For example, North Seoul tower and COEX and Han river. So I hope you have a chances to go. Visit Seoul and you will be happy. The natural sights for exploring near Seattle Seattle is a rainy and beautiful city in evergreen state-Washington. And Seattle is referred to informally as the "Gateway to Alaska", "Rain City", and "Jet City". Besides, Seattle's climate is usually described as oceanic or temperate marine, with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Therefore, Seattle is a perfect city for people to visit and explore. The most popular sights are Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Gas Works Park, Gum well, and so on. Here, I want to show you the different spots that may attract your attention, maybe next time when you come to Seattle, you have more chances and opportunities to explore these suburban area and natural sights. Snoqualmie Falls is a 268 ft (82 m) waterfall on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, Washington. It is one of Washington's most popular scenic attractions. More than 1.5 million visitors come to the fall every year, where there is a two-acre (8,000 m²) park, an observation deck, and a gift shop. The main views are from the side of the falls, with a fence separating visitors from the edge of a cliff. At the bottom of the trail is the 1910 powerhouse, but not open to visitors, and a view of the falls. •Snoqualmie Falls •Leavenworth Leavenworth is located in Chelan County, Washington. The entire town center is modeled on a Bavarian village. The city struggled until 1962, when the Project LIFE (Leavenworth Improvement For Everyone) Committee was formed to transform the city into a mock Bavarian village to revitalize its economy. Owen and Pauline Watson, owners of a business on Front Street, formed the committee after visiting Solvang, California in 1958 and thought it was an excellent idea for Leavenworth. Leavenworth is home to the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, which opened in 1995 and contains more than 5,000 nutcrackers dating from prehistoric to modern. Leavenworth hosts an annual Oktoberfest celebration. Leavenworth's transformation into a theme town was inspired, and assisted, by Solvang, California. Later the Washington town of Winthrop followed Leavenworth's example and adopted a town theme. •Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier is located 54 miles (87 km) southeast of Seattle in the state of Washington. Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in Washington. In addition, Mount Rainier is in Mount Rainier National Park so there are many natural sights to explore. Hiking, backcountry skiing photography, and camping are popular in the park. Hiking Trail, including the Wonderland Trail, provides access to the backcountry. Mount Rainier is also popular for winter sports, including snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.
There are many suburban areas near Seattle to have fun. Sometime going to the natural areas is better than visiting the big city. Travel is always a matter in our life. Therefore, enjoy our life by traveling is a perfect way to explore our mind deeply. by Tim Chirashi If you are looking for good sushi with acceptable price in Seattle, you must not miss this store, Musashi's. I still remember one time during the class, we were discussing about Japanese food in Seattle then my teacher, Cara, who is a Japanese- American recommended Musashi's to me. It is located near by the UW, and it only takes you around 15 minutes by bus. When you visit it at the first time, you might have the same question like me. Is it a sushi restaurant ? Don't start to value it before you taste it. The amazing stuff always happens to somewhere inconspicuous, and the Musashi's is a good example. Your first impression might be small because it only can serve around 20~25 people at one time. Thus, if you don't want to wait in a long line, you had better come early. Don't worry you will feel worthy while you are enjoying their food. As soon as, you get into the restaurant, you can smell an aroma of rice with vinegar then they will serve you a cup of hot wheat tea, and you can refill it as many times as you want. Here are some meals that I highly recommend.
First, the NO.1 in my mind is Chirashi don; it is a bowl of rice which is covered on plenty fresh sashimi, so you can eat different kinds of fish in one bowl which is a good deal. By the way, if you don't have a big stomach, one Chirashi can make you feel so full and satisfacted. Second, it will be the Una don is a bowl of rice topped with grilled unagi, which we know as eel, and served with teriyaki sauce. As you usually can see in Japanese dramas that Japanese say that una don can give them power and the eel is very nutritious food. The third one will be Salmon nigiri; a piece of thick salmon on some rice. As everyone knows, Washington is rich in salmon ,so the fresh salmon combine with Japanese vinegar rice that you already can imagine it. Especially, the salmon in Musashi's is very tasty and the salmon fragrance will be full of your month after you eat it. Therefore, you have to try some salmon. Top 5 Restaurants in U-District by Shu-Lin Lai (Sharon) There are hundreds of restaurants in university district. As a student or a teacher in University of Washington, you must have at least one time to dine out in here for some occasions. Did the restaurant live up to your expectations? Or, did the restaurant grip your soul so that you are not tired of visiting it again and again? According to an investigation on people’s favorite restaurants, the five finalists are as followed: No.1--- Korean Tofu House
Walking in to Tofu House, you can smell lots of spice, garlic and, of course, strong kimchi, the spicy pickled vegetable. Undoubtedly, this is the best place for spicy goat. “It is delicious and the taste is extremely alike anthentic Korean food.” many Korean students stress. If you are quite hungry, you can fill up side dishes as much as you want. This is the other attracting reason especially for male customers. But the service is not so thorough when they are busy. No.2 --- Thai Tom
Sitting at the end of the bar and watching the chef do his things in Thai Tom is an opportunity seldom knocking you twice because there is always a long line of people out of door. Crowded, hole in the wall but amazing thai food restaurant are the most common commends for Thai Tom. For impatient people, you can try to visit when it is not peak time or mainly ordering take-out. Besides, if you are a spice wuss, you can choose the lower star level then enjoy dipping your spoon into the bowl! No. 3 --- Chipotle
Mexican food is really one of the most popular cuisines in the world today, no matter Asian, European or American. You will be satisfied with the soft corn tortillas wrapping griddle-cooked meats and vegetables, cheese and lightly fried since not only they are tasty but the ingredients also have high quality. Even though the line is also out the door at lunch or dinner time, it goes quick and the employees never skimp on the food. No. 4 --- Village Sushi Are you tired of high calorie food? Village Sushi can be your choice! Imagine that a layer with rice, a layer with sea urchin, a layer with thin slice of sashimi squid and then a layer of nori, you can feel like swimming with fishes when dining here. Village Sushi’s lovers also praise, “They offer healthy and fresh food; plus, the environment is clean!” Before entering this restaurant, remember to check that you have enough money because the place is a little bit pricey. No. 5 --- Cedar’s Restaurant If you want to eat a taste including sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent in one meal to turn on your taste buds, you should try Indian food. There is no harm to keep Cedar’s Restaurant in your eating list. The portions here are very generous so that one dish can easily lasts two meals. Not to mention, the food is also good. Due to the special spice, there are some people don’t like it. But if you can accept it, come to enjoy the delicious food and the great service. Significant Report: We Can Fight Colds and Flu by Several Ways by Arwa I Khayyat Obesity and overweight have become a serious issue in America for the last decade. According to a new report from Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, all 50 states could have obesity rates above 44 percent by 2030.Obesity is an excess proportion of total body fat. A person is considered obese when his or her weight is 20% or more above normal weight. The most common measure of obesity is the Body Mass Index (BMI). A person is considered overweight if his or her BMI is between 25 and 29.9; a person is considered obese if his or her BMI is over 30. Obesity occurs when a person consumes more calories than he or she burns. There are many factors that play a critical role in obesity. As I was interviewing the IELP students, they mention many factors that contribution to increase the percentage of obesity in America.
Afnan said there is various factors causes to boost obesity but the main factors are gene and gender. She said there is study indicated the Obesity tends to run in families. Also, according to what she read in some news reporters, there is study of adults who were adopted as children. Researchers found that participant’s weights were closer to their biological parents' weights than their adoptive parents’. In addition, she said women tend to be more overweight than men because men burn more energy at rest than women, so men require more calories to maintain their body weight. In spite of women, when they become postmenopausal, their metabolic rate decreases. That is partly why many women gain weight after menopause. On the other hand, James mentions that the physical activity play a critical role to increase obesity. He said active individuals require more calories than less active ones to maintain their weight. Also, physical activity tends to decrease appetite of obese individuals while increasing the body's ability to burn fat as an energy source. Much of the increase in obesity in the last years is resulted from the decreased level of daily physical activity. Menson, who the new student in IELP, said Psychological factors also influence eating habits and obesity. Many people eat in response to negative emotions such as boredom, sadness, or anger. People, who have a difficulty in weight, management of obesity, may be faced with more emotional and psychological issues. Moreover, Menson think there are some illnesses that can cause obesity. These include hormone problems and some chronic diseases. Actually, as the proportion of obesity increases, the health consequences of this concern boost. Diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension are most common disorders that related to the obesity. Levi (2012) executive director of Trust for America's Health told ABC News "With 6 million new cases of diabetes, 5 million cases of heart disease and stroke, and more than 400,000 cases of cancer in the next 20 years, we are on a tragic course that will have a horrible impact on the quality of life of millions of Americans and could overwhelm and already over burdened health care system,". Moreover, Levi (2012) said” By 2030, medical costs from treating obesity-related diseases are likely to increase by $48 billion, to $66 billion per year” Finally, the most critical question is; do the American people look for the obesity as a serious health problem or just phenomena? And the coming question must be solve if the American consider the obesity critical issue how they could reduce obesity rate? Register nurses propose 2 main ideas to prevent getting colds. Use Standard Precaution and Increase your body temperature instead of taking medications: wash your hands and jog every morning.
By Junichi Tanoguchi Two expert nurses who have been working as registered nurses for more than five years, Joy Sakanashi and Asuka Hayashi, propose 2 key concepts to prevent getting a cold; use Standard Precaution and increase your body temperature instead of taking medications.
Winter is the best season for kinds of colds and flu to spread out throughout the nation. “In February 2013, 40 % of specimens in the nation resulted positive in the Influenza test done by WHO/NREVSS”, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.
In addition, approximately 10 % of total mortality rate for 122 US cities in January 2013 is because of Pneumonia and Influenza, and 10% is the highest as compared to the last four years (CDC, 2013). Once getting flu, our body cannot get rid of viruses easily, and it takes a long time. Adhere to standard precaution Standard precaution is guidelines established by CDC for “reducing the risk of transmission of blood-borne and other pathogens in hospitals”, including washing hands, keeping a certain distance, and wearing masks (CDC, 2008). People generally tend to believe that they catch a cold when an infected person sneezes or coughs around them. It is, however, a superstitious. We are much more likely to get a cold by touching contaminated materials such as faucets and doorknobs, and Bacteria can last for 24 hours. Therefore, wash your hands as frequent as you can after you touch contaminated surfaces. If you cannot wash your hands frequently, Anti-Viral Hand Sanitizer can help get rid of germs. Moreover, the human body is infected through mucous membrane such as a nose and eyes. For this reason, do not touch your nose and eyes as much as possible. Increase your body temperatureAccording to the latest research done by Dr. Masashi Saito, a physician of Japan, New York State and Europe Union, when body temperature decreases 1oC (=33oF), the immune strength decreases 30 %. On the other hand, when body temperature increases 1oC (=33oF), our immune strength increases 500~600% because white blood cells, immune cells killing germs and viruses, can work well by improving blood flow. Also, increasing body temperature helps enzyme activity. For these reasons, you should focus upon generating heat in your body. For example, eat spicy foods, jog for 10 minutes every day, and take a shower well. Besides, you should avoid the opposite things such as drinking cold water or wearing a tee shirt in winter. By the way, have you taken a cold medicine whenever you are sick? Generic cold medicines reduce body temperature strongly even though high body temperature is indispensable to fight colds and flu. Therefore, you should not take them as long as the symptom is really severe. Dr. Masashi recommends keeping body temperature between 36.5oC and 37.1oC (97.7oF and 98.78oF). by Jeff Huang The Chinese New Year’s Eve is on the 9th of February. There were some celebration activities at Chinatown International District, such as the “Dragon and Lion Dance” and lighting firecrackers. Traditionally, the Chinese New Year celebration starts on the New Year’s Eve and ends on the day after the 15th day of the Lunar New Year (Festival of Lanterns). New Year Eve
People eat dinner with their family (it is very similar to Christmas’ Eve). On the table usually we have fish and rice that we will not finish. The meaning in Chinese culture is that we will have more than what we really need, that is, we could earn more and more in the following year. After the meal, children will receive red envelopes with lucky money inside. On this night, children stay awake the whole night to pray for their parents to gain a longer life.
New Year (First Day)
On the first day, people start to visit their friends, but old people usually stay at home. Some people may gamble with their friends. From this day forward during the New Year celebrations sweeping the floor and throwing the garbage away are prohibited so as to prevent the luck of the year to be taken away. Meanwhile, kids are not allowed to cry; however, if the children make some mistake, the adults should not punish them. It's forbidden to use scissors, for it means you will probably have a verbal or physical fight with others. Second Day
The second day is called “visit mom’s birthplace.” In the past, women have gotten married who were not allowed to visit their parents. They were only allowed to visit on this day.
3rd Day
On this day, people usually stay at home. If people go to visit other people that will bring bad luck, so people usually stay at home. 4th Day People usually go to a temple to pray for luck in this year. 5th Day
On this day, companies start to open their stores, because the God of Wealth will appear to the human world on this day; some companies may have “dancing dragon” activities. Some married women, who haven’t visited their parents yet, visit their parents in this day.
15th Day
It’s also called “Lantern Festival.” It is the first full moon in a lunar year. It is also known as the Yuanxiao Festival. In Chinese, yuan means beginnings and the first. On this day, the family will come together to eat tanyuan (the rice glue ball), which symbolizes completeness and happiness, play riddles written on lantern, and watch the lanterns.
Carrie Huang said, “In our country, every county spent an amount of money on this day, and people could have fun with their family. In my memory, I have attended an activity that is the biggest celebration in Taiwan. On that day, there were over 700 million visitors at the Exhibition. It was a pretty good time to watch for the lanterns.” Diamond vs. Jadeite by Monroe With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demands for luxury goods, especially jewelry, keeps growing. Nowadays, diamonds are known as the best gem, and similarly, jadeite is called “the King of Jade”. However, although both diamonds and Jadeites are the most popular gems in the world, they are quite different in many ways.
To begin with, diamonds are single mineral crystals. In the other words, diamonds consist of carbon, which is a cheap element. However, diamonds are very precious, because the carbon elements are in a perfect and tight permutation that brings diamonds chemical stability and the highest hardness in nature. That is why people always say, “A diamond is forever”. Generally, most diamonds are colorless, but the most beautiful thing about diamonds is the color. This is due to their extremely high refractive indexwhich is a measure of the extent to which radiation is refracted in passing through the interface between diamonds and air, and large dispersion, which is the separation of white light into its respective colors, magically causes diamonds to produce the colorful brilliance. Contrasted with diamonds, jadeites are classified as a kind of rock because they are composed of countless tiny minerals, whereas the diamond is a kind of mineral. Therefore, their hardness is much lower than diamonds’, but jadeites are strongly tenacious, so they can be processed into any shape, while most diamonds are regular shapes such as round, oval and square. In addition, there is an expensive element named chromium that is contained in jadeites. It makes jadeites have the most beautiful emerald green, which is the most appealing thing about them because it seems soft and lively. Standard
As we all know, diamonds have a clear standard that is called “4C”. They refer to color, clarity, cut and carat. Every “C” is divided into strict grades from low to high. The higher-grade and colored diamonds are more rare and more costly. Moreover, most diamonds have an authoritative grading report for each of them, which is pretty important for the diamonds and the consumers, because it can prove the diamonds’ value much more objectively than people identify the levels of the diamonds with only the naked eye. Jadeites, in contrast, do not have a clear grading standard. The quality of typical jadeites depends on many factors such as color saturation, clarity, lightness and texture. In general, the emerald green jadeites are the most expensive because they are the most rare. However, there are also some ordinary jadeites, which can become outstanding treasures after artists utilize their particular patterns to carve them tactfully into suited and interesting shapes. Here is an experience from my father who is a jewelry businessman. He got a large original jadeite with a nice skin, but unfortunately, after cutting it in half, he found that it was full of spots inside, which means it would be a cheap raw material and almost useless. However, in sudden inspiration, he suggested an artist sculpt it into a couple of leopards. After it was completed successfully, its price increased hundreds of times. Cultures
To westerners, diamonds are the symbol of love, wealth, beauty and permanency, because they are always dazzling and unbreakable. Why do Westerners regard diamonds as love tokens? This is because marriage is holy in the Western culture, and diamonds look pure and multicolored, which is like a blessing that the marriage will be peaceful and bright. Thereby, the particularities of diamonds attract westerners to think of them as their favorite gems. However, called “Oriental Emeralds,” jadeites are the beloved gems for a lot of Asians. Since the ancient times, jadeite, with its natural beauty, crystal texture and steady character, has represented the time-honored and mysterious oriental culture. They represent modesty, nobleness, tolerance and fortune. In addition, wearing jadeites is also believed to be good for people’s health in Asian culture, because the ancient Asian used to use the minerals from jadeites to make medicines for people. Diamonds and jadeites are pretty different, but both of them are beloved gems in Western and Asian cultures. The particularities of their materials, standards and cultures endow them with unique advantages and beauties. Nowadays, many jewelry designers are trying to put diamonds and jadeites together into jewelry works. These works attempt to integrate Western and Asian cultures, and a lot of them are creative and fantastic. Thus, although diamonds and jadeites are certainly different, they can still be combined and be designed to be remarkable jewelry. CULTURE Instructor:
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making our own newspaper! by Yu-wen Joshua Redman at Jazz Alley in Seattle When one of my friends, Thomas, ate, he said "The factors we evaluate a restaurant are usually according to the prices and delicacies of their dishes. In other words, customers will evaluate whether their food is worthwhile to them to spend their money or not. Based on above reasons, I think that you would not regret after you go to Musashi's." By chance, I had an opportunity to talk with a customer, Dennis, he mentioned about the two meals: salmon nigiri and unagi that he will choose every time. Especially, when he feels tired, the Una don will be his only one choice. After he eats it, he will be vital. By the way, they don't offer the credit card service, so cash only. FOOD Sony DSLR A900 Promotion Video Seattle's Jazz Legends of Recent Years Top iPhone apps for students in high school or college by Abdullah Here are my top iPhone and iPad apps for students in high school or college/university that will help you stay on track, save time, be more creative in your presentation and help you work more efficiently. 1. Keynote ($9.99 - iPhone/iPad universal app) If you need to give a presentation then this is the best app for this. Incredibly powerful yet easy to use, it will allow you to deliver stunning, memorable presentations complete with animated pictures, transitions, sound and video. You can even touch and drag on a slide to activate the laser pointer! Epically awesome, this is worth every cent. 2. Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD Premium ($10.49 - iPad only) This app allow your iPad to recognition your handwriting so you can write away with a stylus (or your finger if you are into that sort of thing) and this will magically convert it into text! I absolutely love this app.It allows you to mix input types if you feel like switching to a normal keyboard, or you can even take notes and then convert them later. It does support Dropbox sharing and with an additional add on for $7.49 you can share with everyone. 3. iTunes U (FREE -iPhone/iPad universal app) This app from Apple gives you access to a huge range of courses in any subject you can think of from the best universities such as Harvard, Stanford, HACC, La Trobe, RMIT, etc. It also features content for high school, and any educational institution can register to deliver their course to students through the iTunes U platform, which is very cool. 4. iStudiez Pro ($2.99 -iPhone/iPad universal app) A calendar, homework diary and planner in one, iStudiez Pro is the ultimate tool for any student. It lets you add your entire class schedule along with the room and teacher, and you can add assignments to each individual appointment (or module), ensuring no feeble excuses for forgetting to do your homework. You can also specify exactly what kind of appointment, whether it is a lecture, seminar, workshop or exam. The best ways to control your child by Nuha Children, like anyone, will experience anger at some point. We need to understand that anger is inherent in human nature and as parents; we should understand more about the concept of anger and how to manage it in our children.
I have three years old son who Is begin to feel frustrated if something that he does not like happens. It is important for parents to set limits, even for small children, and to let them know which behaviors you like and which ones you do not like. One of the reasons that make children cry and scream is that they want our attention NOW. If we give it to them, they do not calm down but become worse. This can be very frustrating for parents. According to my son's teacher, parents should set a routine for their children so they get use to it.
We could try scheduling our children's time around a cycle - play - rest - eat - sleep - or something like this. Write down the schedule, put it on a big poster and explain it to your kid. It does not matter that he cannot read or tell time. He will understand that you are building a structure for him/her and as you move through the day, point out where you are in your schedule, what you have just done, and what you are about to do. Children live in a big and frightening world that is full of unpredictable things. Building a structure for them can help them calm down and give you some rest too. And do not forget to schedule some time for yourself, away from your child. You both deserve a break once in a while.

Dr. Phil offers five steps on how to discipline your kids and I think this is the best advice for parents who are suffering from their children’s behaviors.

1. Commit Yourself.
2. Be Realistic in Your Expectations of Your Child.
3. Define Your Child's Currency.
4. Give Your Children Predictable Consequences.
5. Use Child-Level Logic.
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