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Undergraduate Videogame Symposium

No description

nicole pfannenstiel

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Undergraduate Videogame Symposium

How to: submit a proposal
Undergraduate Videogame Symposium
Step 1: Carefully read the Call for Papers (CFP)
notice the word requirement to ensure you're close without going over
the UVS requires 350 word proposals
note any additional requirements
the UVS requires a working bibliography with at least one academic source on videogames and your topic
determine which category you'll apply to:
tailor your ideas to the theme of the conference to show how your paper aligns with the goals of the conference
our wordpress page has a page with an annotated bibliography of topics related to videogames
narrow your focus to demonstrate how you'll convey your argument in the medium chosen
find an article to support your point
be sure to visit our website ( and facebook page ( additional resources
1. multimedia session
2. poster session
3. presentation session

Step 2: Determine your topic
Step 3: Outline your Proposal
describe the problem/big picture in 1-2 sentences
describe what you will discuss to resolve the problem
discuss the type (multimedia/poster/presentation) of proposal being submitted (1-4 in step 1)
describe the specific material you'll address through your project
finish with a strong concluding sentence
Step 4: Write
from your outline write your proposal paying attention to the word limit
Be sure to specify the type of proposal being submitted
Step 5: Proofread
read your work out loud for common grammar errors
check your references for correct Style Guide (APA/MLA/etc) usage
read your work to ensure:
your ideas flow logically
your point comes across
your topic relates to the Symposium
Step 6: Submit
all proposals are due by March 4th at 11:59PM
electronically submit proposals to the Google Form link available at
email questions to
join our Facebook page
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