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Exploratory Robots

No description

Shaun Kim

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Exploratory Robots

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By David and Shaun Exploratory Robots Exploratory robots can do many tasks depending on the environment it's traveling to. For an example ocean robots have Armour to protect of the ocean's pressure so it wont get crushed. NASA robots go to places where no humans can go unless we can achieve such great machines, like The Mars rover like the Vikings or Curiosity and collect data on the undiscovered world . How It's Used/Work Envelope Performance These robots can perform collecting data and providing information with cameras, using sensors, and mapping out the place. Advantages & Disadvantages The advantages t o robotics is that you can have information before you can go in the hostile or a inhabited place.
The disadvantages is you cannot research with a robot that is in a area you never discovered before and you can have better information by being there in person and studying the area. Impacted/ Job or Career Describe the impact that this robot as had or could have on its untended audience.
What type of jobs/careers can this robot create to provide employment for people. Prediction With exploratory robots, we will learn and explore more about our world and universe, from inside our bodies to nations across the world to the deepest depth of our oceans to the outer reaches of space. They will assist us in learn about our creation of our universe to new species of animals. In the future, they may be upgraded to see farther and assist us better with our problems and questions.
Functions Sensors Is the robotic end effector multifunctional? If so, what other tasks can it preform?

How is the robot taught to preform it's task? What sensors does the robot have and how does the robot use the sensors? Name some advantages and disadvantages of using a robot to complete this task. Predict and explain how this robot may be altered t preform more or different task in the future. What task the robot perform? What human function or task does this robot simulate? They are used to explore places that man can't safely go to into like in space, oceans, and military activity. They can range from spy bots to rovers. Where is the robot used? What is it work envelope (how many degrees of freedom or flexible joints it have)? The work envelope varies from each type of robot. googleimages.com http://www.ask.com/answers/125322521/what-task-does-exploratory-robot-perform http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_sensors_do_exploratory_robots_use Exploratory robots use sensors like visual (cameras), thermal (heat), motion (movement), and sonar (sound). It can give you a variety of jobs like engineers who can build stronger machines or robots to protect marines on the frontier or a harder shell to go deeper in the ocean to find more new organisms that we need to discover and understand the world and the galaxy that is ahead of us. This impacts our species because we can move out of earth because of over population or some natural disasters. Robots can let us have a good look to the outer space and the milky way that we can explore, maybe a century later................ The different types of sensors varies on each type of exploratory robots. For spy bots, visual and sound is needed. For submersibles, a pressure gauge is needed to measure the water pressure. People like NASA are people who gives these robots a work envelope. A work envelope is the robots range of a robots arm. Like Curiosity's arm where it can go 360 degrees to collect rock samples or find life forms on mars Thank you to: Mr. Woodward and many more...
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