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Panama Presentation

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Carlos Tejeda

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Panama Presentation

Panama Hello, Lets take a look at Panama This is Panama Home to:
Capital City:

70% Mestizo+Mullato
14% Amerindian +mix
10% White
6% Amerindian
And a community of
about 150,000 Chinese. *(1) THE PANAMA CANAL! Panama wasn't always its own country.

Panama gained its status as a sovereign
nation in 1904.

It used to be part of Columbia, but a some
of its citizens were looking for independence and the US saw its chance to
intervene on its own behalf - by "aiding" the Panamanians in their "independence," the US ensured that it would get the rights build the canal across the isthmus that France had failed to build. *(2) Essentially, the US said (and I'm paraphrasing here)
"They can have their cake and eat it too...

The pie is, of course, the Canal.

And touching it would be in anyway challenging the US dominion over it.

And that's basically what Omar Torrijos did. *(3)
The Chinese in Panama:

Since: 1854. *(4)

They maintain Diaspora qualities.
Like the Chinese-Latin American Beauty pageant. *(5) Indigenous Groups in Panama


Multiculturalism In Latin America. *(6)

The local United Fruit Company plantations. *(7)
This dispute in sources (and often the dispute between my intuition and what a source was claiming), happened quite often.

On the internet, in articles, in books.
There was the side that said one thing and the side that said another.

But I found way more sources I took with a grain of salt. And here's what the US wants you to believe........
Approx. 3.5 million people
pop. approx. 1 million

Roman Catholic: about 82%
Protestant: about 16%
Other: about 2%

Because of the Panama Canal, which draws a lot of interest and attention, there are small pockets of other religions. *(1) Language:
Spanish: about 90%
English: about 10%

Many other languages are spoken, in part by the migrants that settle in the canal zone, the diaspora Chinese population, and the indigenous groups that speak their native languages.

English is primarily spoken by American immigrants and Elite Panamanians. *(1) and of course... Panama To make a long story short, the US did to Panama what it tries to do to the world; pretend its helping and cares about democracy, but actually just negotiating and manipulating and coercing their "allies" into doing what the US wants. *(3)

The US got the better end of the deal it struck with Panama, and it virtually owned the canal. They policed and occupied the canal, and the American flag was raised all along the canal zone. *(3)

Unlike other countries, which the US wanted for its natural resources and labor, the US was primarily interested in Panama for its canal, and the US intervention in Panama's affairs was virtually limited to stopping changes that might challenge the US's control of the canal. *(3) And after Torrijos, there were a series of unsuccessful leaders, and it all came down to Manuel Noriega, who was pulling the strings for the US, but also pulling them how he saw fit. *(3) This of course upset the US, which responded by invading Panama to oust their former double agent and replace him with people who would listen more.

The invasion took place in December of 1989, under the guise of ousting an enemy Noriega. *(3)

Here my sources diverged in their tales of the events.

There's what i feel like is the truth...

And then there's the official documents from the US and the work of several American scholars... Im so sad, I wish I was free and someone would build a canal across me *Not to actual scale* WE ARE EVERYONE'S FRIEND!!!!!
WHATS THAT? I think I hear needy people calling! Perhaps they are searching for freedom... and someone to build a canal across them! OVER HERE GREAT BALD EAGLES!
Will you save us from Columbia?
You are our only hope! I DO HERE NEEDY PEOPLE CALLING!!!
I will help them. BAM!!!!!!! Thank you! How can we repay you? Don't even worry about it!!!!!
Its on us.
But I hear you're looking to get a canal job done, and the French were unsuccessful. I bet we can get that taken care of. Yes PLEASE!!!!! and take care of it for us too. We would never be able to handle it! Hmm. 75 years have past since I've heard anything from Panama.
Maybe I should check in on them... Woah there! A dictatorship appeared right under our noses! Let's put it out! By
Carlos Cheyenne Tejeda Wow! Thanks again. That was a close one. We're so lucky to have you as a friend! Hey, don't worry about it. This one is on us too. =D And Panama went on to live happily ever after with her true chance at democracy. Isnt that sweet? References: (By order of appearence in slides)

*(1) Encyclopedia.com/topic/Panama
*(2) American Imperialsim
*(3) Panama Invaded
*(4) The Chinese of the Panama Railroad
*(5) Queen of the Chinese Colony
*(6) Contesting State Multiculturalism
*(7) Conjugated Oppression: Class and Ethnicity among the Guaymi and Kuna Banana Workers

Other references (for free talking and general information):
*(8) Racial Democracy and Nationalism in Panama
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