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half broke horses

No description

Alexandra Demmers

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of half broke horses

half broke horses
Jeanette Walls
Chapter 1 - Salt Draw
Lily Casy Smith born in KC ranch in 1901
Flash flood comes, Lily saves her brother and sister. Lily was 10, Buster was 9 and Helen was 7.
Her mom told her to pray to her guardian angel, but Lily was convinced that she did all the work
They build a new home after the flood
Her dad writes letters to authors
He is obsessed with Prohibition and phonetic spelling
A tornado passed the house and a windmill fell on the house, and the house was destroyed
Chapter 3 - Promises
Chapter 2 - The Miraculous Staircase
Chapter 4 - The Red Silk Shirt
Chapter 5 - Lambs
”when people kill themselves, they think they’re ending the pain, but all they’re doing is passing it on to those they leave behind”
Lilly was very depressed because of her sisters death, and the death of her son.
She starts thinking about having some kids of her own.
She asks Jim Smith to marry her and he says yes they marry in the year 1930 and she was 29.
They build their own garage together in Ash-Fork.
They build their own house
They got running water in the kitchen and an indoor toilet.
She got pregnant of her first daughter called Rosemary
Year and a half later she gets a baby boy named Little Jim
1928 depression hits the US, economic situation affecting everyone, including the ranches
She starts selling alcohol illegally
The camel brothers drove their flock of sheep past their house
Jim takes care of the situation with the sheep
Helen arrives at Coconino County
The village finds out that she is pregnant
She gets fired

Helen hang herself
Lilly wasn't allowed to bury her sister in the Catholic cemetery
They buried her at a nice place with a beautiful sight.
There is one lamb that couldn't find her mother, Rosemary takes care of her.
The Camel brothers are thankful for Jim solving the problem
Two police officers came to check if they owned alcohol, Little Jim started crying, and the officers left.The alcohol was hidden beneath his crib
They stop selling the alcohol
Six months later the back foreclosed on them
One of the Camel brothers offers Jim a job to be the manager of a ranch since he solved the situation
They all together move to the ranch in Hachberry
The land was really dry so they build a dam
The dam and the pond where known for the Big Jim's dam.
Hired dozen cowboys to help them out
Lily starts to get worried regarding to Rosemary’s education
Rosemary releases the cow they got as a present from the English investors.The cow had ate too much, and died.
A though drought hit the area
Next year a strong rain storm had come to the area
When Lilly is twelve her 10 year old brother leaves for school
She goes to school herself, when her teacher tells her she would be a really good teacher
Her dad didn't pay the school money, so she had to go back to the ranch
Her dad bought dogs to breed from her school money
The dogs got shot, so it was a waste of money
She takes a test to be a temporary teacher, because most teachers are fighting in the war
She passes the test and leaves to Red Lake, Arizona on her horse Pathes to teach
During her journey she is dressed like a man, to avoid harassment
She meets another girl dressed like a man
But this girl tries to steal from her, so they split again
She arrives in Red Lake
Works as teacher for 4 years in a one-class school in a Mormon community
She lives in the school building
Mr Mcintosh (principal) does not agree with Lily's ideas and teaching - Lily's is warned to not teach ideas of feminism and equality
After 4 years Lily is let go (because war has ended and she does not have a teaching degree)
For the first time in her life she sees an airplane
Meanwhile Buster and Dorothy got married, Helen was 16 years old
After one month back at the KC ranch, and inspired by the airplane she saw on the way back Lily is heading to Chicago
Found a job as an housemaid, and got fired two weeks later
Found a new job as an housemaid during the day, and during the evening she would study so she can complete her teaching diploma
Became friends with Minnie, which later on had died
Met Ted Conover, who will become her first husband
Lily got crushed by a car, which led to call her ‘travelling salesman husband’ to tell him what happened, when his secretary reveals the fact that he doesn’t travel, and his wife name is Margaret.
Saved enough money to pay a year in college, so after two years in Chicago she left back to the desert
Chapter 6 - Teacher Lady
• Lily and Jim bought Hackberry, a nearby ranch. The two ranches it totaled to be 180,000 acres.
• Lily and Jim wanted also to buy a new house, and they started doing side jobs for and, being as efficient as possible.
• Lily started taking flight lessons which was a huge dream of hers, but lessons where quite expensive ($5) so she had to go find a job.
• She ended up being a teacher in Arizona in a Mormon town called Main Street.
• She got into trouble with the people in the town with what she was teaching the kids, and lost her job again.
• She then went to Walapai reservation and had three jobs. She was a bus driver a part time janitor, and cooking lunch for children in total she made $80 a month.
• She then went to a town called Peach springs to teach in a one room schoolhouse.
• In her class she had allot of problems with the deputy’s son Johnny, because he was sexually harassing students by kissing them, and touching them.
• She than gave him a beating, and got into trouble with the deputy. By the end of the school year the school did not renew her contract and she did not have a job yet again.

Chapter 7 - The Garden of Eden
Chapter 8 - Gumshoes
Lily did not want Rosemary and the little Jim to make friends with the other schoolkids.
Rosemary and little Jim were each other best friends, they were alone most of the time on the Ranch.
Lily wanted them to learn in a different environment so they could be well integrated with other peers, so Lily sent them boarding school and at the same time went to school to get her diploma for a permanent teaching job.
Both kids ( Rosemary and little Jim) hated the boarding schools.
While the kids were in the boarding school, Lily got her diploma.
She knew that the behaviour and the grades of Rosemary were bad and getting worse, so Lily decided to take Rosemary and little Jim out of the boarding schools and go back to the Ranch.

Lily’s mother had passed away and Lily was not able to be there for her mother. Lily’s dad wrote her a letter telling her that he was ill and he needed her to be there for him.
Lily asked for help from people she knew and strangers. She asked for gas coupons to buy gas to get her from Phoenix to the Tucson to pick up her father.
The day after lily and her daughter arrived, her father died.
Lily kept her promise and she buried her dad at the ranch.
Rosemary started to fall in love with the cowboy Fidel Hanna, he was young handsome Indian boy.
Rosemary learned to skin a steer for the first time.
Later in the year, Rosemary and Lily took two ladies from Arizona Department of Education visited Havasupai reservation.
Rosemary was so happy to go the Garden of Eden (the title of the chapter) because she thinks it is the most wonderful place in the entire universe and because she is in love with Fidel hanna.

Made by DP2 English B 2013/2014
Chapter 9 - The Flyboy
They move to a small village called Horse Mesa
Lilly starts teaching at the school in the village
Rosemary Went to college
Rosemary meets Rex
Rosemary see Rex as an adventure
Rex tries to ride on a horse to impress Lilly
He tries to impress the family but it doesn't really work
Lilly doesn't approve Rex as a husband for Rosemary
Rex takes Lilly flying
Rex and Rosemary decide to get married
Lilly doesn't approve
They get married and run away together, like two half broke horses.
Jim and Lilly get new teeth and it gives them a lot of confidence
They bought a house in Phoenix and Lilly really enjoyed it there.
For the first time in their lives they got a telephone, so that people could get in touch with them.
Little Jim and Rosemary didn’t like Phoenix because they weren’t used to everything and liked it better at the Ranch
After a few months Lilly didn’t like it as much either.
Lilly started flying lessons on the airport
There were more job opportunities, Jim worked as manager of a warehouse and Lilly worked as a teacher in a high school in South Phoenix.
The bought a couple more houses to rent to others
She noticed that in Phoenix people worried more about themsels, whereas in the ranch they worried about the weather, the cattle and the horses.

She worried a lot about her own and her families safety and she was always scared of being robbed and carried a gun with her always.
Lilly reads the newspapers and reads about the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. She explains this to Rosemary and cares as much about the animals being killed as the people.
Rosemary started painting a lot
Lilly didn’t enjoy teaching as much anymore, she wasn’t used to having other teachers around her and having principals and all the rules she had to follow
Jim also didnt like to live in the city he missed the outdoors
There was a hard winter with snow.
On the third day of the storm a man from the Arizona Department of Agriculture came to take Jim to help others at ranches because he had heard that Jim would know what to do
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