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No description

Halle V

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Inhalants

Double click anywhere & add an idea Main Types Of Inhalants Volatile Solvents Gases used mainly by gay men to enhance sexual experience and pleasure
Contains things like butyl, propyl which were banned in 1991 Liquids that vaporize at room temperature
Inhale solvents directly from the container or they put a rag over their faces
Headaches, nausea, hallucinations, delusions and dizziness found in household or commercial products and used as medical anesthetics
Nitrous oxide is the most abused(whipped cream dispensers)

Whippets Poppers Snappers Cost As low as 1.00$
Household products; nail polish,hairspray

Long Term Weight loss
Loss of hearing
Irregular heartbeat
Damage to the kidney, bone marrow and liver
Memory impairment.
Respiratory depression.

Short Term Irritate breathing passages - severe coughing, painful inflammation, and nosebleeds.
Hallucinations, and delusions
Dangerously hinder activity of the nerves that control breathing - consciousness, coma, death Moon gas Poor mans pot Can go to jail if caught in public places.
Restrictions on the sale of these products to teenagers Legal Consequences Emotional : Anxiety, nervousness, confusion and mood swings.
Fatigue/lack of coordination and violent behavior Psychological : Asphyxiants when inhaled substancee teakes
the place of oxygen INHALANTS Nitrates One in five kids have tried
huffing once or more by
the time they are in grade 8 14 Year old died from
computer dusters
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