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Ryuga324 3001lii

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of world

I went to Los Angeles,I went to the airplane to Los Angeles and I went to Malibu hotel.
I saw a beautiful view on the top of the hotel.I stay on the hotel for two days,I liked the food their, their is restaurant very good,they called "Maynard James Keenan",its very good the food.
Their is a lot of cars and a big transit on the highways and then I went to airplane from los angeles to hawaii.
Los Angeles
Wow!Japan was so cool and a good food.Ok,I went to japan by Hawaii boat.
I stay in to the Tokyo hotel,their was a good food, a good space and a good bed,I stay for one weak on japan.
The people on the japan was cute and then I went to the beautiful beach in Tokyo and then I went to the Tokyo airport.
I went to Hawaii by airplane and i stay on Honolulu hotel, for four days to see the view, on Kapaa.
Then i saw the view on the top of the hotel.
Its a lot of people and cars on the highways.
When I went to the taxi, I saw a big transit and on that transit, I saw people to the beach.
About My journey!!

Hello, I'm Lucas Martins Alves and I going to show my journey,I will stay on Toronto,Canada and
I stay four days on Canada.

Hi,I'm in Canada for four days,then I move hotel to other hotel on tobacco ,then I went to the pool on st.Clair and I stay for one day.Then I went home I play like videos games
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