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COMM 464B Agency Competition

No description

Chris Kim

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of COMM 464B Agency Competition

Drive Evaluation Tactics and Tools Estimated Budget Product Examples Vital PR Design (raffle tickets, pins, awards, etc.): Criteria: Objectives Increase Medieval Times ticket sales by 15% by December 2013 for each of the nine castles in North America.

Increase donation funds by 5% by December 2013 for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Company Background Started in 2012 by several public relations professionals to enhance public awareness in the target objective and achieve maximum ROI for the client. Fact 80% of people are more likely to purchase merchandise related to a cause. Goal Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament will work with the Susan G. Komen foundation to host a campaign that will unite the two. Strategy Each castle will present an all-inclusive vacation giveaway with their sister company, Excellence Group Luxury Resorts, to one breast cancer survivor who takes part in a contest that Medieval Times will sponsor. The contest consists of a medieval-themed three mile walk, a raffle that will take place before the show(s), and a photo contest to ultimately determine the contest winner(s).

Vital PR will be targeting the following demographics:

Survivors and supporters of breast cancer research
Supporters living within a 30 mile radius of each Medieval Times castle
Members of the King's Court S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths: Tools: Media Alerts
News Releases
Pitch Letters
Advertising Medieval-Themed Street Team
YouTube Promotional Video Tactics: Community Engagement Event (Medieval-themed walk)
Social Media Relations
Traditional Media Relations
Vacation Giveaway Glass Knight Trophy Support Pin Vacation Sign-Up Raffle Ticket $450/month for 6 months = $2700 (Mar-Aug) Project Supplies: $500/month for Mar-Jun = $2,000
$4,500/month for Jul-Aug = $9,000 Printing Costs: $175/month for Mar-Jun = $700
$500/month for Jul-Aug = $1,000 Talent Costs (Street Team, Actors, etc.): $5,000/month for Jul-Aug = $10,000 Travel (Vacation Getaway): $45,000/month for Nov-Dec = $90,000 Venue Location: $4,500/month for Jul-Aug = $9,000 TOTAL = $124,400 Actors of Medieval Times very committed to roles.
Medieval Times guests treated like royalty.
Appeals to all ages.
Large staff to accommodate guests.
North America's #1 dinner attraction. Weaknesses: Opportunities: Threats: Estimating guests for each show.
Intense training regimen for actors.
30 miles is limit of advertising for each castle's market.
Script of show is redundant, limiting attendance.
Tourist Attendees consist of 20% of audience. Each castle's location among other tourist venues.
Zero competition that mimic Medieval Times.
The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a credible cause market. Inflation
Other venues attract away potential guests.
Public opinion towards cause marketing.
Animal control. Tools: Formative Research
Summative Research Media Tracking
Media Impressions
Response Mechanisms
Surveys and Interviews Measurements: Indirect/Direct Observation
Reputation Studies Anticipated Results: Increased revenue sales through merchandise and ticket sales.
Increase the outreach of volunteers and supporters for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. Chris Kim Kirsten Frey Nicole Robinson Yenifer Pineda Kimmy Castillo Foundation Core
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