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Blu Cigarette

No description

Griffin Gray

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Blu Cigarette

Ali Gayowski
Matt Forgione
Lucas Edgar
Jasmin Begic Objectives - Financial cigarette Introduction
SWOT Analysis
Target Market
Marketing Mix
Implementation Blu Cigs have been dedicated to building the most successful and trusted brand of e-cigarettes since 2009.

They currently have over 25,000 retailers North American wide, ranging from national to regional levels.

Blu Cigs currently hold the most cost-friendly e-cigarettes in the market. Blu Cigarettes SWOT Analysis Target Market Marketing Mix Outline Implementation Mission Statement “Offering an alternative to smoking. Blu’s high-tech “e-cigs” look and feel just like traditional cigarettes – without the smoke, smell and ash. Blu eCigs are battery-operated creating a smoke-free vapor “puff” that evaporates within seconds, extending out to the vapor community as well as first time users.” Increase sales from $30,000,000 to 37,500,000 in the next five years by continuing to provide exceptional customer service, and competitive price points on all products. Objectives - Non-financial Continually increase the awareness of Blu Cigs e-cigarettes in the Canadian market amongst our target market by deploying creative ads via numerous mediums of advertising
To provide unprecedented customer service to ensure our customers are kept satisfied so that we my establish a long term relationship with them
Expand into the Canadian market by partnering with retailers across the country to raise awareness and market share Strengths Customers can depend on high quality as well as fair pricing
Different factors that benefit the consumer, such as taste and simplicity
Ability to reach consumers that are not necessarily met by direct competitors Weaknesses Tough legal implementation due to strong lobbyist
Difficulty meeting demands
High cost of capital SWOT Analysis Opportunities Expansion into foreign markets that have greater purchasing power
Offer recyclable products, adapting to the changing green alternative lifestyle
Allows for consumers to smoke in smoke free environments
Transition to a healthier lifestyle Threats Changing buyer preferences, long-time smokers resisting using the product
More competitors entering the market
Increased taxation by government
Decreasing amount of traditional cigarette users Our target market consists of individuals between the ages of 20-34 who have tried to quit smoking before but were unsuccessful, along with individuals who are current smokers that would like a more cost-efficient substitute. Product Mix Blu sells a variety of different nicotine level cartridges: full flavored, light, ultra-light, and non-nicotine.
There is a wide range of flavored cigarettes such as pina coloda and vanilla.
A premium cartridge is equivalent to one and a half packs of traditional cigarettes. Distribution Mix Blu currently offers products via their online store and in over 25,000 retail stores across the USA.
Currently, in the Canadian market, Blu only has retailers in Quebec.
Blu Cigs is planning on partnering with retail chains in Ontario in early 2013. Marketing Mix Pricing Mix Blu cigs uses an odd number pricing strategy, as all their products end in $0.95.
Blu offers their premium starter kit for $69.95 and the average cost of one cartridge is approximately $2.50.
Blu has priced their products at an competitive rate, not pricing the product too high or too low.
Blu is competing in an industry which is fierce. Promotional Mix Blu currently communicates with consumers through a variety of different channels.
Blu Cigs promote their product and brand through channels such as the internet, radio, local newspapers, and free publicity.
Blu occasionally offers sales promotions which appeal to the
price conscious individuals and impulse buyers. Blu Cigs is currently in the process of expanding its retail locations into the province of Ontario as early as April 2013 The implementation timetable for our product and our plans of expansion is five years. The current market trends (one of which is a healthier life style) fits perfectly with our current marketing plan Educating the public on the benefits of our product and the ability for it to be used in all establishments and environments
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