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Thirteen Plus One

No description

Juliet B.

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Thirteen Plus One

Thirteen Plus One
Now that Winnie is fourteen, she wonders if life gets better at all. She graduates from eighth grade, her big sister prepares to leave for college. She plans to spend the summer relaxing with her boyfriend Lars. But her boyfriend goes to Europe for the summer. Winnie makes a bucket list of things she wants to do before she begins high school. She plans a very fun summer but all her plans change. She ends up going to a sleep-away camp with her best friends Dinah and Cinnamon. In the end she has a good summer kind of. She learns a lot of life lessons and a lot about herself. Read the book to find out more.
Another character in the book was one of Winnie's best friends named Dinah. Dinah is also 14 years old and goes to the same school as Winnie. Both of them have been best friends since the summer of 5th grade. Dinah is the good girl out of the bunch. She is very insecure and shy. Dinah got herself suspended for one day because she let a girl from their school put stolen items in her locker. Towards the end of the book, Dinah "breaks out of her shell." I think that Dinah changed a lot through this book.
Main Character
The main character is a 14 year old girl named Winnie. Winnie is a young crazy girl who just wants to have fun, and be unique. Winnie's best friends are Cinnamon and Dinah. She likes hanging out with her best friends, and her boyfriend Lars. She is not a girly girl. She wears old t-shirts and a pair of old jeans. Her boyfriend Lars and her have trouble with their relationship. Winnie is happy when she's just hanging out with her friends Dinah and Cinnamon. She has a lot of fun times and sad times in the book.
Cinnamon is Winnie's favorite out of the two. Winnie and Cinnamon have a very strong friendship. Cinnamon has medium-length curly brown hair and light tan skin. She dated a guy named Bryce who was Lars best friend. She has a strong personality. She is funny and "suprising".
Lars is Winnie's oh-so prefect boyfriend. He is rude and kind of obnoxious. He and Winnie have a weird relation-ship. Can Winnie make it work? He plans to go to Europe over the summer but does he? Winnie really wants a cupcake from him for her birthday but gets a starbucks gift card. She is very upset with him. In the end of the book does he come around?
Why I brought Cupcakes
A major issue in the book is when Lars doesn't buy Winnie what she wants for her birthday a cupcake. That weirdly starts a lot of drama between them. In the end of the book he realizes why Winnie was upset with him. But what does he do?
I rate this 3 1/2 stars out of 5. It was good but got a little boring in some parts. I recommend this book to girls. Any girls that like girly, funny, girl drama kind of books.
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