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sales gold coast

No description

Roland Karoliny

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of sales gold coast

Prospecting “If your business is flat today, it probably means you weren’t prospecting enough 90 days ago. Prospecting creates the pipeline for future business- it lays the foundations for tomorrow’s sales success.”

John McGrath Ways of prospecting:

“Can I ask your first name?”

“How did you hear about the club?”

“Are you exercising at the moment?”

“What’s your number one priority starting a fitness goal?”

“Would today or tomorrow suit you bets to have a tour of the
facility and run through the membership options?”
Talking to someone on the phone is a very important skill to learn

The reason is because the person calling cannot see the person they are talking to.
They cannot see what the club looks like, so they rely on a voice and the words used to create an impression 5 Questions “Describe your product in terms of what it ‘does’ not in terms of what it ‘is’.”
(Brian Tracy) 1. Greeting 2. Needs Analysis 3.Tour 5. Price Presentation 6. Referrals At the beginning of meeting your prospect you would have introduced what you were going to do and explained the process
WHAT is your #1 priority?
WHERE are 2 or 3 other areas you are not happy with?
WHY do you wanna achieve this goal?
WHEN do you wanna achieve this goal by?
HOW would you fee if you wouldn't achieve this goal?
The more questions you leave out the more likely you will get an objection at the price presentation section
Listen, take notes and use their words Tailor your presentation and tour to meet the specific needs of the customer and show them how the club is going to benefit them
Focus on benefits not the features
Benefits is going to appeal to the person emotionally and prove that you can help them achieve their goals
A woman has come in today and wants to lose 15 kilos to look and feel good in her pink bikini in January when she goes to Bali with her girlfriends.

List 5 features in your centre and write down 5 different benefits for each feature related to the womans goal.
4. Pre Close Pre close is when you are asking testing questions to see how interested the person is in your product
“Can you see yourself exercising at the club?”
“Is this what you are looking for?”
“Apart from memberships, do you have any other questions?”

2 Option close:
"..our 2 most popular packages are the gold and the silver one...
Which one suits you best?"

SHHHHT!!!!! BE QUIET!!!!!!! After the sale is finished ask your new member for referals.
Dont be shy and feel like you are asking for extra things. You are giving the new member FREE passes to bring their friends to train together

Phone Inquiry The Tour Split in 4 Groups and develop a tour through
your facilities.

Make sure you include all steps:
Needs Analasys (4W's &How)
Tour plus Benefits
Price Presentation
Devide in 3 Groups:

1st Group:
Name some of the best places to put lead boxes and why

2nd Group:
Name the benefits of exercising with a partner / friend

3rd Group
Name your network partners and why they are important to your business

1. 2. 3.
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