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The Life of Walt Disney

No description

Haley Breese

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of The Life of Walt Disney

December 5, 1901 OCTOBER 26, 1918
On January 27, 1917 Walt attended a screening of the silent version of Snow White, that may have been his inspiration for the modern Snow white and the even newer spin-offs of today. Walt over comes the age restriction and joins the Red Cross Ambulance Corps for WWI. He sends in his cartoons to studios back in the states. (They get rejected) Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, then later moved with his family to Marceline, MO In the spring of 1910 Walt and his family moved to Kansas, MO. This is where he met Walt Pfeiffer and became interested in performing in local amateur nights. October 1, 1914 MAY 18, 1922 Walt Disney creates laugh o-grams MAY 1923 Walt creates "Alice's Wonderland" which was a hybrid idea of mixing animation and live-action. Laugh O-Grams goes bankrupt while Walt makes Alice in Wonderland. So, he takes his half finished movie to Hollywood, California. JULY 30, 1923 July 6, 1925 Roy and Walt set out and form their own movie studio. Roy becomes the accountant for their studio. JULY 25, 1925 Walt Marries Lillian Bounds... ...Disneyland and Disneyworld has also given couples a place to propose to the ones they love just as Walt and Lillian did... APRIL 1928 Walt creates the new character that will be the biggest trademark of the Disney franchise...Mickey Mouse NOVEMBER 18, 1928 Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon with sound, premieres The Old Mill is released-landmark use of the multiplane camera DECEMBER 21, 1937 Pinocchio premieres in New York City April 30, 1940 MAY 28, 1941 The Disneyland television show, hosted by Walt, premieres on ABC
Walt begins quietly buying parcels of land in Florida for Epoct!

Walt Disney's Legacy ends NOVEMBER 5, 1937
A firm called Technicolor was prepared to deliver on significant improvements in its method for introducing color into film. NOVEMBER 5, 1937 DECEMBER 15, 1966 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs opens to critical acclaim FEBRUARY 7, 1940 Due to tightening financial situations, Roy Disney issues a memo to Studio department heads asking for a 25% cost reduction.
Which was just another hill in Walt Disney's Life that he worked over. Amid salary cuts, layoffs and aborted attempts to unionize, many of the artists at Walt Disney Studios walk out and a strike begins. They later return of SEPTEMBER 16, 1941 after negotiating OCTOBER 27, 1954 Walt produces a television show for children called the Mickey Mouse Club. OCTOBER 3, 1955 The New York World's Fair is announced AUGUST 19, 1959 JULY 1954 Disneyland becomes a reality when Construction begins. JULY 17, 1955 Opening Day at Disneyland Walt Receives Two Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame FEBRUARY 8, 1960 Though all the troubles and "road blocks" that Walt Disney faced in his life, he was still able to make the biggest impact in our lives today. AUGUST 1964 Walt begins to plan a school devoted to the arts, soon to be CalArts. SEPTEMBER 1961 AUGUST 29, 1964 The Critical acclaimed Marry Poppins opens in theaters.
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