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Smart Virtual Environment

No description

Nikhil Mishra

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Smart Virtual Environment



design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Cypher Factor
Advantages and Disadvantages
Intelligent Homes
Our goal to to monitor and control distant objects globally . SVE is for making the lives of people much easier who found themselves tangled in several tasks at once .
A Solution by
Cypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Based on Internet of Things For Smarter and Energy Efficient Homes

1. The Intelligence
2. Security !
4. Energy Efficient
Active & Passive Scan !
Door And Locks Status
and Alert !
Smart One-Touch Lockdown !
Remote Application !
Security Factor !
3. The Connectivity
Smart Device Connectivity
The Cloud !
Look No wires !
Smart Installation
Smart Updates & Services
The Smart Connectivity
Smart Switching !
Energy Usage Monitoring & Control !
Smart Hibernation !
Energy Saved is Energy Generated !
The Energy Factor !
IDE are used to develop the project .
1. Sublime Text
2. Eclipse

Web Technology
We are using HTML and JavaScripts for the Application.
They are easy to use and very rich in display with many functionality .
It provides the Platform Independence to the Application , so that it can run on any device
We are using Google App Engine as Cloud Development
platform .
Technology Factor
Energy Factor
In India it self according to World Energy Council the consumption for per person per household was 131KWh in 2010 and in 2012 it was 498.3 KWh .. i.e 1.3 KWh per day per person in household .

Hence there is a lot of scope to bring down that number . One Study has suggested the there is a scope of upto 40%
to save the energy via Home Automation

Cypher 's Smart Homes !
The Smart
House & What
it does for you
Intelligence factor !
Smart Presences !
Smart Notifications !
Smart requirements understanding !
So Why
Cypher ?
Technology Life Span

Embedded Linux Based Hardware
Real time Network
Cross Platform Apps
Global Connectivity
Smart Sense
Technologies Used
We have harnessed the best that
is out there in technical terms to
create the one stop solution for Indian
Home Automation market .
What we have done for this ?
We are adding methods to monitor and control your energy usage
Smart Sense will automatically control the lights and switches according to your presence
Hibernation Mode will save power in your absence by running only essential hardware
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