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Black panthers

No description

josh bartley

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Black panthers

Double click anywhere & add an idea The panthers started as a self defence group
for the blacks against the whites and wanted
real equality and followed the teaching of the
late malcom X. The group started with 6 men but gained recruits
quickly through popularity with the poor blacks. the Black Panthers The panthers started to guard the blacks against
the pollice. like the black stores, schools, and their houses. In retailation the oakland pollice started raiding the panthers safehouses and buildings to kill or capture them. Then the group drifted apart when the leaders got weak and internal struggles caused by the planted letters from the FBI. after more then 20 years of struggle the panthers came down. How the panthers gained support by helping the community by feeding the school children and printing their own news paper. But fearing the group the FBI started to kill civilins like 17 year old Bobby Hutton by sending Oakland pollice to shoot him to death. with in 2 months JFK and martin luther King were both assassinated.
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