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Literary constellations

A Digital Humanities approach to the study of literary salons in Mexico during the 19th century

Silvia Gutierrez

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of Literary constellations

Member of:
Academia de San Juan de Letrán
Academias de San Gregorio
Asociación Gregoriana (mutualista)
Liceo Hidalgo
Reuniones en casa de Rosario de la Peña
Sociedad Laterana (mutualista)
Sociedad Literaria la Concordia
Sociedad Mutualista de Escritores
Veladas Literarias
Ignacio Ramírez (El Nigromante)
Member of 7 different associations:
Academia Mexicana de la Lengua Correspondiente de la Española
Academia Nacional de Ciencias y Literatura
Ateneo Mexicano
Liceo Hidalgo
Liceo Mexicano
Sociedad Literaria la Concordia
José María Lafragua
Guillermo Prieto
Literary constellations
A DH approach to literary salons
in Mexico during the 19th century
Member of
Bohemia Literaria
Liceo Altamirano
Liceo Hidalgo
Sociedad de Libres Pensadores
Sociedad Literaria la Concordia
Sociedad Luis Zárate
Veladas Literarias
Justo Sierra Méndez
Ignacio Manuel Altamirano
The beginnings
The first map
The first timeline
by Silvia Gutiérrez
Würzburg Universität
Skura, Helen, Katia Nierle, and Gregory Gin. “Romeo and Juliet: A Facebook Tragedy.”
Blog. Literature+ Cross-Disciplinary Models of Literary Interpretation (undergraduate course). N.p., Mar. 2008. Web. 4 March 2014.

Member of
10 different
Círculo juvenil de Letrán
Asociación Gregoriana
Bohemia Literaria
Sociedad Laterana (mutualista)
Reuniones en casa de Rosario de la Peña
Sociedad Mutualista de Escritores
Liceo Hidalgo
Sociedad Luis Zárate
Sociedad Netzahualcóyotl

205 associations
84 in Mexico City
By Roderic Page (@rdmpage)

OpenRefine + VIAF reconcilation

497 writers
365 identified
+ 44 historical characters

Member of
Academia de San Juan de Letrán
Ateneo Mexicano
Bohemia Literaria
Reuniones en casa de Rosario de la Peña
Sociedad Laterana (mutualista)
Sociedad Literaria la Concordia
Veladas Literarias

36 different literary associations
137 participants
Tutorial: http://blog.cartodb.com/cartodb-x-mapwarper/
MapWarper: a NYPL-tool for digitally aligning ("rectifying") historical maps from the NYPL's collections to match today's precise maps [http://maps.nypl.org/warper/]
Yifan Hu: calculates centrality and repulsion in such a way that clusters become apparent while emphasizing the differences as outlying branches (Drouin 2012)
Porfirio Díaz' "election" years
more associations established
Modularity report:
+ algorithm measures which nodes interact which other more frequently than by random chance
-optimized for larger samples
++ provide an overview of stronger connected communities, and provides a clearer view of „bridging nodes“ whether they are members or associations
Rules of Art
French writers in the context of their
structural subordination
instituted through two major mediations:
(journalism, publishing and “all forms of industrialized literature”)
durable links
that operate especially through the
which help determine the generosities of state patronage.
Conditions / Context
Taste / Style
“The literary influence of
” (1864)
*France: literary tribunal
*England, lacked of a literary center
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