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Great wall of China


Oliver Duff

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Great wall of China

What sort of structure was It
Was it a shell or a frame or even a mass structure?....
The Great wall of China
By Oliver Duff
The Great wall of China was a mass structure built mostly from bricks and stone. The material stone was chosen because it held its own weight up better than bricks making it a perfect base material for the structure. Then bricks made up the rest of the structure because bricks are more easy to construct towers and walls out of than stone.
Who built it
The first attempt at building a great wall was carried out by the first emperor of China Qin Shi Huang back in 222 to 206 BC.

Then it was later reconstructed and added upon in the Ming Dynasty or the Dynasty of Great Ming which lasted from 1368 to 1644 also known as the longest empire in Chinese history.
Why was it built
The Great wall of China was built mainly for the purpose of defending and fortifying China from its many enemies. But most importantly from the Mongolian empire which constantly raided and attacked China. Trying to take it over and claim the land and resources that China owned.
Even thought the first official construction of a great wall was carried out by Qin Shi Huang. The first steps of building the wall where carried out by early villages laying on the outskirts of China's boundaries hoping to defend themselves from attack with fortified walls.
Way back in the 7th century BC.
It also gave China a means of knowing and controlling the goods exiting and entering the country as well as the people immigrating and emigrating from the country. It also was constructed to protect the silk road a collection trade routes that provided the main source of cultural interaction between regions of the Asian continent.
Why the Great wall of China is beautiful
World wide the Great wall of China is considered to be a wonder of aesthetics. The wall stretches through many different landscapes making it unique where ever you see it. The best thing is that the great wall of China is the only man made structure visible from space.
How was the Great wall of China Constructed
Sections the Great wall of China where constructed from different materials depending on the time of which they where built but the most impressive of the many different design's was the one constructed during the Ming Dynasty. Built from bricks and stone it long outlasted other design's made of tamped earth and wood beams.
The section of the Great wall of China made from stone and bricks was constructed by piling rammed earth and shaping it into the innermost part of the wall. Then placeing bricks and stone around the rammed earth to make the outer wall. To hold the bricks together mortar was placed as a sort of ciment making the wall more sturey and strong.

Interesting facts on the great Wall of China
The Great wall of China's total length with all of its branches measure's out to be about 13,171 miles.
In some of the areas of the Great wall of China it is constructed from the exact same material as the landscape it was made in.
Mortar is a early form of cement that is made from rice and lime and was used to hold the bricks together.
The Great wall of China built during the Ming era had up to 25,000 watch towers guarding its long expanse
The Great wall of China was built mostly from bricks. So the total amount of individual bricks used to construct the wall added up to be 3,873,000,000 bricks.
Thank you for watching this prezi on the Great wall of China I hope you enjoyed it.
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