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Irony O'Henry "The Last Leaf" Prezi

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jolene cooper

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Irony O'Henry "The Last Leaf" Prezi

Situational Irony 1 - "Your friend will soon be well". Behrman was expected to recover but he died.
2 - Johnsy is expected to die when the last leaf falls but she doesn't.

Verbal Irony 1. "Oh the foolish girl," Behrman shouted, "an old vine can't kill people!"
A vine can't really kill people but she truly believed it and the mind is a tricky thing.
2. "The last leaf will fall soon then I will die," said Johnsy. She wasn't really dying because of the leaf, she lost faith and thinking she was going to die.
3. Behrman painted the leaf the night it fell to make Johnsy realize she was being silly by thinking she was going to die because of a leaf.
Sue was stating this was a masterpiece but it was only a leaf. But it was leaf that saved Johnsy's life. Dramatic Irony 1. "It's Behrman's masterpiece, dear. He painted it on the night of the storm." Johnsy didn't know the leaf was painted.

2. "Two days ago one of the neighbors found him in his bed cold and wet." Johnsy had not yet figured out that the leaf was a painting.
"The Last Leaf" O'Henry Irony
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