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Dual Credit

Student Presentation w/First Gen Video and College Planner Video

Jessica Larson

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Dual Credit

Dual Credit: Earning College Credit Early
Show me the money!
Why college??
Test Your Knowledge!
Stephanie has learned so much from her English teacher. She feels ready for the big exam and is excited to earn college credits in exchange for a good test score.
Khadija really enjoyed the food sciences program she participated in at Inver Hills during the summer! After the 3-week program she even earned 3 college credits!
Mai Lee was amazed that she was able to save so much money in her first year of college by transferring credits she had earned while attending Hennepin Tech during her last year of high school.
Karen loves her high school and has really enjoyed being involved in several sports teams. She was really glad that she was able to earn some college credits in college level statistics, which was taught in her school by a trained teacher.
College graduates are MORE likely to…

Own a home
Have children who also go to college
Be active members of their
Have a plan for retirement
College graduates typically…

Earn more money
Have better health care coverage
Have safer working conditions

But how do I pay for it??
How much does it cost?
Avg. Tuition and Fees 2014-2015
Technical & Community Colleges $5,370

State Universities $7,700

University of Minnesota $13,620

Private Career Colleges $14,270

Private Colleges & Universities $35,177

Net Price Calculators
What can I do now to earn credit early??
International Baccalaureate
Concurrent Enrollment
CTE Health Careers Track or Automotive Track
P. S. E. O.
Summer Programming
Small Group Activity
What are the Dual Credit Options at Roosevelt?
1. Break into groups of 3-4 people
2. Use the info packets to gather information about your Dual Credit Option
3. Use the poster paper to jot down information, bullet points, or draw a picture about your Dual Credit Option
4. Report back to the class
International Baccalaureate (IB) is a 2-year
pre-college diploma program. Students select IB courses in any of 6 subject areas and can earn both high school and college credit. You must present a portfolio or take an exam which is graded on a 7-point scale with 4 representing the lowest passing grade.

Concurrent Enrollment: allows high school students to take free college-level courses at their high school through partnerships between high schools and local colleges and universities.
High schools may require a certain academic standing or GPA to participate
Post Secondary Education Options
Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) allows students in 10th (public & tribal students only), 11th & 12th grades (all students) to take free college courses at a college campus. Students attend class and complete the same assignments required of regular college students.
Any public or private high school student or home schooled student can apply. Students must meet college admissions requirements. Books and materials are provided. Online option, transportation support and mileage reimbursement are also available.
Students earn both college and high school credit based on academic performance as they would with any other high school or college course.

Inver Hills Academy for Environmental, Food & Agricultural Sciences
Wolf Ridge Ecology Credit Camp

Earn free college credit in the summer
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