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COLD WAR 1960s

No description

Marshall A. Canosa

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of COLD WAR 1960s

COLD WAR 1960s
1960-John F. Kennedy Elected President
Will continue policy of Containment
1961-Construction of the Berlin Wall
Symbol of Cold War Struggle
1961-Bay of Pigs Invasion
--Failed Attempt by the US to overthrow Fidel Castro and his communist dictatorship
--CIA will secretly train 1300 Cuban Exiles hoping they would be able to land at the Bay of Pigs and gain support from people left in Cuba
--does not happen
--US weapons found
--hurts diplomacy between the USA and USSR
--makes Kennedy look ineffectual
1962--Cuban Missile Crisis
--Soviets providing Nuclear weapons on the island of Cuba
--discovered by U2 missions over Cuba
--14 Total Days
--USA and USSR on brink of nuclear war as President Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khruschev are at odds
--Soviet Ships are blockaded by USA ships in Atlantic Ocean
--As an agreement
--USA secretly removes missiles from Turkey in exchange for Cuba publicly removing missiles from Cuba
--Soviets look weak, good for USA
1963--Limited Test Ban Treaty
--limits the production of nuclear weapons
November 1963--JFK Assassinated in Dallas
--Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President

1964- US Maddox attacked off coast of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin
--LBJ asks for a declaration of war
--receives Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, allowing the President full control over the war

Vietnam War 1964-1973
--will be fought much different than previous wars
--Operation Rolling Thunder-bomb and raid attack
--Use of Chemical Weapons against North Vietnam
--First major war covered first hand by the Media
--Lack of support globally for the effort

Vo Nguyen Gap
William Westmoreland
Ho Chi Minh
Leader of North Vietnam
President of
the USA
US General
North Vietnamese
1968--TET Offensive
--turning point of the war
--attack by North Vietnamese in 100 different places
--US victory
--showed the war was not going the way the government says it was
--Major loss of support in USA and globally
1968--Richard Nixon elected President
--promises Peace with Honor in Vietnam
--plan for Vietnamization
--removal of US troops
--leave South Vietnamese to fight for themselves

1969--US lands on the Moon
Takes lead in Space Race
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