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cody garza

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Industrialization

Cody Garza Machine-made goods began in england durning the
18th century. They had a large population with
extensive Natural resources starting the Insustrial
Revolution. In 1733 a man named john Kay made a spinning
machine. It doubled the work aperson could do
in a day. In 1764, James hargreoves invented a spinning wheel.
He named it the spinning Jenny ant it allowed one
spinner to work eight threads at a time. In 1779, Samuel Cromton combined the spinning jenny and the water frame to produce the spinning mule. It made thread stronger,finer, and more consistent. In the 1800's a poor group of workers called the Luddites didnt like the idea of machines takeing there jobs. So they started destroying weaving machinery. The first factory act was passed in 1819 to control child labor. The act restricted working age and hours. Factory owner wanted there machines to run for as many hours as possible a day. Most workers worked 14 hours a day 6 days a week. Factories were dangeros and many injuries occured.
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