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InfoTech 8 Final Project Take Two Interaction

No description

Deep Bahia

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of InfoTech 8 Final Project Take Two Interaction

By: Deep Bahia and Parm Sran
- Widely Popular
-Owns many famous game companies
- 2K Sports, Rockstar Games
How It Started
- Founded in 1993
- Founder Ryan Brant
- HQ New York City America

World Wide Success
- Yearly revenue around 1.4 billion dollars
- Net sales around 1.4 billion
- Spends around 100 million a year on advertising

Future Developments
- WWE 2K18
- NBA 2K18
- GTA 6
Major People involved
Strauss Zelnick [Chairman and CEO]
Ryan Brant [Owner of Take-2]
Karl Slatoff [president]
Mr.Zolnick takes care about the investments, leads the company, and management descisions.
Mr.Slatoff plans how he can develop the company, and what would make more profit.
Mr.Brant is the guy who founded the company and made it the best.
The End
Cool Inventions
2k just announced that nba 2k17 will now have a new gameplay called Park After Dark!
2k announced that Nba 2k17 will also be avaiblable an the VR
Wwe supercard will now be avaibable on ios and android devices.
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