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USAID Mobile Solutions

Office PPT

Charley Johnson

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of USAID Mobile Solutions

USAID | Mobile Solutions Mission
Opportunity for Impact
Mobile Money
Mobile Broadband
Mobile Data Collection Mission: The Mobile Solutions (MS) team levers the power and reach of mobile technology to accelerate USAID's development goals. USAID | Mobile Solutions Roads, railways, and the internet transformed markets and unleashed waves of innovation. The mobile phone holds this same promise. Opportunity for Impact USAID | Mobile Solutions The Mobile Solutions team catalyzes mobile money platforms, access and uptake of mobile broadband, and the integration of mobile data collection across USAID programs. Strategy USAID | Mobile Solutions Technology Agnostic: MS is technology agnostic, as the mobile phone may not always be the best tool to serve our clients' needs.

Designing for Scale: MS focuses on catalyzing platforms and ecosystems and then lets local organizations take the lead.

Individual Empowerment: MS engages beneficiaries throughout the entire program process--their input should inform the program design, their real-time feedback should improve the program's effectiveness, and their voice should drive the evaluation process. Guiding Principles Mobile Money USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID Forward
USAID-Citi Mobile Money Accelerator Alliance
Better Than Cash Alliance
Better Than Cash Initiative Mobile Money USAID Forward USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID | Mobile Solutions Problem: Even when mobile money reaches scale, cash is still king

Solution: The USAID-Citi Alliance accelerates mobile money by increasing the number of mobile money acceptance points (e.g. retail participants, billing and payment entities). USAID-Citi Mobile Money Accelerator Alliance USAID | Mobile Solutions Problem: Governments, international development organizations and corporations make disbursements and collections in cash.

Solution: USG can leverage its diplomatic presence and financial footprint to reduce the use of cash Better Than Cash USAID | Mobile Solutions
Problem: Scale requires scale

Solution: As part of the USAID-Forward Initiative, the Mobile Solutions team is working to scale mobile money platforms in 9 countries It took 50 years for the radio to reach 50 million people. It took the television 13 years and the internet seven years.

It took the mobile phone 3.

Today, there are 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide. The reach of the mobile phone Global Broadband Initiative
Alliance for Affordable Internet Mobile Broadband Problem: Millions of people live outside the reach of broadband

Solution: GBI supports universal service funds to expand broadband's reach to off-grid communities Global Broadband Initiative Problem: Millions of people can access broadband but cannot afford to use it.

Solution: The Alliance for Affordable Internet, in concert with MS, is working to reform regulatory policies to ensure people with access to broadband can afford to use it Alliance for Affordable Internet MS is developing a strategy to survey communities prior to designing USAID programs, solicit real-time feedback from beneficiaries on the effectiveness of USAID programs and amplify the voice of the poor in the evaluation of the program. Mobile Data Collection USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID | Mobile Solutions For more information, visit www.idea.usaid.gov/organization/ms or follow us on twitter @msolutionsUSAID Thank You USAID | Mobile Solutions In Indonesia, we're targeting:
The largest CCT program, which distributes 1 million cash transfers monthly via the post office
Companies with payrolls over 500 people
Cocoa value chain which involves 600,000 farmers

In Malawi, we're targeting:
300,000 civil servant salaries
Largest agricultural voucher program Examples: Better Than Cash Alliance Opportunity: The Better Than Cash Alliance is a coalition of governments, international development organizations and corporations who commit to transitioning from cash to electronic payments in their programs and operational processes. Opportunity: USAID is undertaking a major reform effort to encourage the use of electronic payments in its own programs and operations. Better Than Cash Initiative USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID | Mobile Solutions USAID | Mobile Solutions
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