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Public speaking project


Brigitte Fernandes

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Public speaking project

children with learning disabilities
children suffering from behavioural or social problems at school or at home, children with mental health issues
children suffering from a brain injury
any child who has experienced a traumatic event Step one: take one paper wing, and paperclip.
Step two: color the wings.
Step three: take full blank piece of paper.
Step four: picture a place that you feel safe.
Step five: draw the place onto your paper.
Step six: finish your drawing and let your butterfly fly. Once your done all these steps your craft should have a beautiful butterfly and/or a drawing of your safe place. When starting your tree you have to pick up your bottle, and put it
into the paint. After putting it into the paint go anywhere on the page
(maybe near the tree) and put it down and hold it there for a few
Once your done this pick it up and pass it on to the next person. Step one: Take a piece of paper.
Step two: Get a pen, pencil, or marker.
Step three: Taking up most of the page put the first letter of your first name (e.g A)
Step four: Then draw anything that makes you, you.
(e.g a soccer ball because you play soccer) Websites Therapeutic Arts & Crafts Children with arts and crafts My Happy Place Cherry Blossom Tree Age 8-10 Age 5-8 Whats in a Name? ages 10 + http://www.livestrong.com/article/29124-benefits-art-therapy-children/
http://psychology.about.com/od/psychotherapy/f/art-therapy.htm Video Mentally How is it Beneficial? perception and creativity Emotionally stress release, an outlet for frustration, it promotes self discovery and acceptance, it deals with emotions, teaches perseverance, provides belonging, and it gives a child self esteem and confidence. Socially in group projects:
communication, friendships, acceptable, acceptable behaviour, self control, negotiation, compromise, cooperation, team work skills, leadership, and the ability to follow rules Main Purpose help develop and express images that come from inside the child express their emotions without needing words communicate issues in a way that feels safer than actually verbalizing the thoughts associate with the problem Art Therapy Provides... self awareness stress relief diversion grief relief Is There a Specific Age Group for Art Therapy? NO! beneficial to anyone dealing with personal issues or stress Is There a Specific Time of day for Art Therapy? NO! Who Can Art Therapy Help? Cautions for Art Therapy be aware of allergies for all children scissors use non-toxic materials
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