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a prezintation of buddah

michael fogarty

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of buddah

by Michael Fogarty Siddhartha Gautama life as young Prince Siddartha Sidarthas journey the new Siddartha the middle way nervana the rest... siddartha was born in 563 BC a day after the birth of siddarthas son
Siddartha left to find a end to suffering siddartha had not eatin for many days and was reahcing the point of death. until a young grl begged him to eat some rice and milk. siddartha traveld many places to and taught many people of the middle path Siddhartha Gautama sat under a bohdi tree for 49 day until he reached enlightenment. siddartha had returend to his son and taught him of his teachings
then continued to teach his learnngs to many people
its said that when Siddhartha was born
he walked 7 steps his contraption was said to be painless then said he was the foremost being in the world Siddartha's family siddartha was born into royalty, of the shakya people of norhtern india Suddhodana King he was ruler of the shakya people the father of Siddhartha Queen Maha Maya mother of siddartha and queen of the shayta people Queen Mayas Dream on the night Maya conceived while Maya was sleeping she had a dream of elephant that flew down from the silver and golden mountains and brought her lotus flowers Birth Of Siddartha when Siddhartha was born there was a huge celebration, during the celabratition a holy man came to the party and told the king that siddartha would be a holy man or a king. Growing Up As Siddartha Siddartha was a very athletic young prince being born in the worrior caste natruly he was trained in the arts of war at 16 he marred a the beautiful princess Yasodharā threw athletic games which he exiled at path of royalty or spirtality simbolicly Siddartha gave up all of his princley pozetions, like his gold, cloths, shoes and hair siddartha journed with 5 other hindu anstitic monks they would sistan from common comforts like eating bathing at that point siddartha explained to his friends that everything should be done in moderation like a sitar, but they disagreed and left siddartha had to face Mara and 3 challenges soon siddartha reached enlightenment and became the buddah death of the buddah death 483 BC siddartha died at 80
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