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Theme: What is it?

Literary Terms : Theme

Brett Costin

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of Theme: What is it?

THEME The central, underlying controlling idea or insight of a work of literature. The idea the writer wishes to convey
about the subject-the writer's view of the
world or a revelation about human nature. The core message http://www.flickr.com/photos/36291048@N06/3389124067 1. Summarize the plot in two sentences: don't forget the exposition, conflict
rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution. (5 minutes to write.) Five steps to finding the theme
from Read Write Think, international
Reading Association. Man Struggles Against Nature Crime Does Not Pay Overcoming Adversity The Importance of Family Yin and Yang: Just when you think life is finally going to be easy, something bad happens to balance it all out. Sacrifices Bring Rewards Some common themes Love is the Worthiest of Pursuits Death is Part of the Life Cycle Friendship is Dependant on Sacrifice Stop! How many can you remember? 2. Indentify the subject of the work. 3. What was learned, an insight or truth? Can you prove your chosen theme through the text? Give an example. Your group needs to present one theme from the text to the class. 5. How did the protagonist change? 4. What did the protagonist learn through the plot, especially from the resolution of the conflict?
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