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Is Your School Day Too Short?

No description

christian jones

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Is Your School Day Too Short?

Christian Jones
By: Christian Jones
Is Your School Day Too Short?
I really think the school day is too long. Because we take 7 periods and i be really tried in my 7th period class. And that's my math class !!
And you got to think about extra activities after school. Then you got to do your homework when you get home, you will be very tried.
Students get bored really fast, so if the school day is shorter they will pay attention, so they will get grades
If the schools days are long the students start not to care and give up
I personal being a student think that the day is maybe to long or the right amount of time. Increasing the time in a day will just make kids more stressed and not paying attention as much they need a break. There’s to much excepted already and if more time is added kids will struggle.
if the school day gets any longer i think the school system is going to get more drop outs then ever before.
Thanks for your time!!!!
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