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Physical Activity Approaches At the Ground-Level

Promising Practices Targeting Aboriginal Children and Youth

Andrea L.K. Johnston

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Physical Activity Approaches At the Ground-Level

Celebrating Physical Activity
for First Nation, Inuit, and Métis
Children and Youth
We produced a Full Report of 15 case studies and also a report that summarizes the 15 case studies into executive summaries and 10 Themes. Adobe: http://www.nada.ca/resources/special/
To Inspire
To Motivate
To Generate
To Replicate
To Innovate
We hope Policy and Decision makers are motivated to replicate practices and lessons learned here
and work to inspire support for physical activity programs for children and youth.
We want you to feel inspired and motivated to generate buy-in in your community and replicate and innovate from the stories shared in our reports and SlideShare. http://www.slideshare.net/Aboriginal_Phys_Activity/introduction-14817838
There are three different week-long programs that focus on healing and developing leadership abilities among youth. The leadership development program empowers youth to bring Hip Hop activities back into their communities.
At the time of program inception in 2006, BP4L founder and director Stephen Leafloor was a full time social worker (MSW) with over 25 years of experience as a social worker (MSW) in the areas of probation, wilderness programs, residential group homes, child protection, community outreach, and street work with youth at risk. An active dancer/participant in the Hip Hop culture since 1982 and founder of the Canadian Floor Masters, Stephen completed his Master’s thesis on Hip Hop culture and its importance for educators and social workers.
A video produced by NAHO, features Clyde River, Nunavut which runs a Hip Hop program inspired by BluePrintForLife and the youth of the community.
If you are pressed for time view 4-minutes starting at 9:00 minutes-in
The full report features successful and inspirational physical activity initiatives from each Canadian province and territory, as well as two international case studies.
This diverse collection of case studies offer insight into promising practices and recurring challenges that can inform successful programs in communities.
There are two web-based ways to see and learn from the case studies:
1. Adobe files: can be seen at: http://www.nada.ca/resources/special/
2. SlideShare at: http://www.slideshare.net/Aboriginal_Phys_Activity/introduction-14817838
Here you will find:
The Full Report, and
Executive Summaries of the Case Studies as well as Program start-up and Management ideas/lessons learned (with 10 Themes)
Here you will find: the Executive Summaries of the Case Studies as well as Program start-up and Management ideas/lessons learned.
This Prezi will share some highlights from the:
Full report of 15 Case Studies,
15 Executive summaries, and
Start-up and Management summary for 10 Themes taken from case studies

The Full Report,
15 Case Study Executive Summaries
as seen on SlideShare
10 Start-up and Management
Summaries (Themes) taken from
the 15 case studies
as can be viewed on SlideShare
Thank-you for your interest
and may you inspire others
to indulge in personal satisfaction
and rich health through
physical activities.
If you have any questions about these
F/P/T Physical Activity & Recreation Committee and the Health Living Issue Group

Contact: Andrea L.K. Johnston
at: andrea@johnstonresearch.ca
or: 1-866-885-9940, ext. #1 (905-889-4430)
can be seen on the NADA website at
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