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Mati's Friends & Family

No description

Mateusz Sykut

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Mati's Friends & Family

Kacper is my best friend.

I met Kacper when I joined St Matthews.(like every other friend that I have in this school.)

I like Kacper because he is very funny, he never tells secrets only when I allow him and he always plays with me and he always makes me happy when i'm upset
Oskar is my best friend same as Kacper

I like Oskar because we like lots of things in common and Oskar always plays with me.
Klaudia was born in 1999.

Klaudia has lots of friends in her school.

Klaudia likes to go to her friends house and play minecraft.
Klaudia Bieganska (My step sister)
Asia is my best friend.

I like Asia because we like lots of things in common.
Mati's Friends & Family
By Mateusz Sykut
Dominik was born in 1996.

He can be annoying or rude but I love him the way that he is.

We have lots of things in common like music and video games such as minecraft, racing games and fighting games.
Dominik Bieganski (My step brother)
Amelia Sykut (My real sister)
Amelia was born in 2007.

You can make her angry very quickly but I love her
very much.

She likes to play minecraft and racing games like me and my brother.
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