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if you were a germ...?

No description

Erik Strickler

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of if you were a germ...?

many organisms are sicknesses. These include The Cold, Stomach flu, and many more.

a single cell organism is a organism that can live by its self.Some examples are krill, and plankton.
what sickness would you be
you can be any sickness you want what is that special sickness. You can even make one up!
what type of cell would you be?
there are more cells then I said before, and you can be the one to choose a great cell for you.
what will you do:
tell your answer to someone a
what would you be:
tell your answer to someone at home
types of tiny organisms
if you were a tiny organism...?
would you be a sickness?
would you be a single cell organism?
would you be a cell
there are lots of cells such as blood cells white blood cells and skin cells. There are more examples but that's all for now
things tiny organisms
what single cell organism would you be
there are lots of single cell organisms witch one do you want t have as you. remember to choose wisely.
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