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The Inquiry Cycle

Based on previous knowledge, my 2nd graders re-created the inquiry cycle. I used free photos from MorgueFile; two of them however, I cannot attribute (I found them on the internet without any specification).

Cristina Milos

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of The Inquiry Cycle

What do I want to find out? Finding out - internet
- encyclopedias
- dictionaries
- other types of books
- visits (museum, aquarium, zoo etc)
- interviews with people (teacher, parents, experts etc) Sorting out - key-ideas
- important information
- summarizing Organizing
information - charts
- graphic organizers
- drawings
- time lines etc Creating - glogster
- slideshow
- 3D model
- play
- mixed project etc Presenting - speak fluently and clearly
- look at the audience
- do not fidget
- know your work
- be focused Reflecting - what did I do well?
- what can I improve next time?
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