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No description

Natasha Leung

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Creativity

Let me tell you a story…..
Cope with stress
Divergent thinking
A thought process used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions

The most well-known problem-solving strategy
What is creativity?
Group Member
Leung Wai Yan Natasha 12001047
Leung Sing Ying Ann 12000858
Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being
Improve relationship with others
Sense of humor
Attract others attention
Solve relationship problems
Avoid conflicts
Improve communication Skills
Divergent thinking. E.g. generate new topic to talk with others
Increase comprehension of others
A creative thinking style can aid you understand others
Makes creative and suitable responses/ behaviors to the person you like
How do

How to be a creative thinker?
What do those creative thinkers do?
Creativity can be learned
and practiced !!!!
A creative idea often is not derived from air!
Great ideas often come what already exists

3 steps to be creative thinker
Learning more ideas from different fields
Creative thinker usually rearranges old idea into new idea!

Always having a open mind

Practice lateral thinking
What to do?
Make the strange familiar and the familiar strange
Keep eyes open
Be a good listener
Reading, studying and learning lead to inspiring
Write, write and write
Do not wait for inspiration
Wait and obey to intuition
Sleep on the problem
Practice lateral thinking
Always having an open mind
No more premature judgment
Tolerant to ambiguity
Let’s adapt thinking style of creative thinker
Activity 1 : connection
Get a list of four words
Obtain another single word
Connect the single with each one of the four words
e.g. apple, moon, bird and cup
Activity: devalue
Get four random words
Remove one aspect, concept or feature and by doing so to remove value from items
Explain why your removal devalue the items
Six Thinking Hats
de Bono, 1967
A method that help to create creative ideas.
6 Different Hats-
, Black,

represent 6 methods
Gathering all the information.

Think about the meanings and usage of the

The feelings for the idea. Think about your emotions.
E.g. What are your emotions for your idea?
The criticism of the ideas.
Think about positive outcome, perspective. Wishes and hopes.
Think creatively, out of the boundaries.
No limitations, no obstacles.
Overall to see the ideas. Monitor of the thinking process
Now, you want to express your love, so what would you do?
using six thinking hats to gather your ideas
Just think or discuss one perspective when you shift to that Hat!!!
Become Souvenirs but not a daily necessities
Gain money
worshippers can use it to tidy up themselves
Show respect to the Buddha
Present to the worshippers
the number of different categories or approaches to a problem
Risk taking
Boundary breaking
Open to a new experience
How to use a pair of “very long’’ chopsticks to eat?
Divergent Thinking
Convergent Thinking
Chung Pui Lun Alan 12000461
Tang Ka Man Carman 12000616
Function of creativity
cope with stress
Divergent thinking
Summary: improve relationship
How to be a creative thinker
List out the problem that need to analysis
Analyze and examine the different possible approaches
mind map
Mind Map
Yu Yat Shun Nathan 12000985
Yang Zi Xuan Erica 12001011
Do you have any challenges in TWC life which can be solved by creative ideas ?
Creativity can help!
When you feel stressful, you can...
the things you like
To express you feeling
Think of (a)
best scenario / alternatives
for the problems
I'll get good grade after this unbearable situation
Imagine the most
happy moment
of your life/ something you want to happen
How well you know about creativity?
Multi- angle
Multi- level
Multi- structure
Many sides
Find the answer
Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP
NLP is an exploration of how we think, communicate and act into order to model and improve on great performance
How do NLP help to cope with stress?
Set yourself 5-15 minutes every day to find a quieter place to relax.
Take this time to close your eyes, day dream your favorite fantasies, your body completely relaxing.
Pay attention to what images you make when you are stressed and make them smaller, move them far away and make them fuzzy and dim.
Replace them with more relaxing images and make the new images big, bright, colourful and vivid.
Change your Inner Pictures
Change your Inner Voice Tone
Change the tone of your inner voice and make it ridiculous so that instead of it sounding stressed.
it could be sounds like Mickey Mouse or make it a deeply seductive voice.
example here
help us cope with life challenges
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