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Social Media:Imgur

No description

Justin Chang

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Social Media:Imgur

Imgur !
What is Imgur
Imgur is a simple image sharer. It is used to share pictures on a cloud drive online. Originally deriving from Reddit, Imgur has only about 50% of Reddit's features. While on Reddit you can have your own blog, on Imgur you can only show pictures.
How to use Imgur
The site is very simple to use. All you have to do is find a picture saved on to your computer within the file size allowed on the site, drag it over to the website tab, and voile you have successfully uploaded your picture to imgur. Though it is on the site not everyone will see it. For more and more people to see the picture you uploaded it will have to be up voted. An up vote is similar to a like in Facebook or a re blog on tumblr. Once a post has reached enough up voted it will reach the front page, which is where the most upvoted pictures go to. You can also browse pictures on the front page by just typing in imgur.com and you’re at the front page. Use the arrow keys or click the “next” button to go through images. https://www.screenr.com/shlN

Types of Advertisements found on Imgur
The adds found on imgur are very similar to adds you would find on any popular site. There are company ads
which every popular site has. There are no inappropriate ads as you would find some on other websites.
Target Audiences
The target audience for Imgur varies. Like on Reddit there are sub-reddits, on Imgur there are sub-imgurs. Some are nice which are meant for small children between the age of 5-8. But others are a bit more mature, meant for the ages of 13 and anything beyond that.
Positives and Negatives of imgur
Whats different about Imgur and other social media sites
Imgur is different from other social media sites because its using images instead of words to communicate. Imgur has its own type of slang and is very funny but sometimes inappropriate.

by:Justin and Rafay

•Spread useful information
•Replace news
•Easy to use
•Wont find bad pictures unless you go looking for them
•Might find bad pictures (rare)
•It's the internet, someone will say something mean to you at least once
•Has it's own slang that takes time to get use to
Example --->
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