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Job Satisfaction & Reward Systems

Organizational Behavior

Scott Shaw

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Job Satisfaction & Reward Systems

Job Satisfaction & Reward Systems
Job Satisfaction
What is Job Satisfaction?
Causes of Job Satisfaction
Training, Independence, Variety, Control, and Social Interaction
Impact of Employees
Satisfied vs Dissatisfied Employees
Motivated Employees
Happy Employees
Intrinsic Reward
Defining Intrinsic Rewards
Effectiveness With Types of Rewards
Motivational Encouragement
Systems for Motivation
Employee Recognition
Including employees in process
Extrinsic Reward
What are Extrinsic Rewards
Various Types of Extrinsic Rewards
Stock Options
Increased Pay
Problems that can arise from lack of extrinsic rewards
Decreasing Performance
Why should executives consider the variety of the rewards the offer?
Processing Similarities & Differences
Intrinsic rewards are the recognition of employees' value
Extrinsic rewards are the compensations for an employees value
Job satisfaction is the scale that employees internally rate the value of a job

Conclusive Output
Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards should be used collaboratively.
Paying attention to the employees' needs is an intrinsic process that should be compensated extrinsically.
Job satisfaction will ultimately be determined by the combination of these two aspects.
Video Demonstration
Job Satisfaction
Intrinsic Reward
Extrinsic Reward
How They Function Together
Video Example
Masterfully Orchestrated By:
LaReva Morris & Scott Shaw
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