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Introduction to Biology with Syllabus

This is basically my syllabus for my Biology class...

Mandi O'Mara

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Biology with Syllabus

Welcome to Biology! Participating in classroom activities, laboratory experiences and completing assignments are essential in preparing you for the End of Course Test in Biology. Late Work? You are expected to follow the Class Keys. You are expected to participate cooperatively in all activities; group or individual. I look forward to
working with you
and I am available before school or after school
if you make
an appointment
with me. Grading Policy This course will focus on the exciting world of living things from... Biology ... ...with Mrs. O'Mara! We will explore the processes that organisms experience to be successful... Lab safety rules will be practiced to ensure the safety of all participants. Late work will only be accepted under extreme emergencies, but a deduction of points will still apply. All other late work will receive a grade of zero. Assessments - 55%
Major Labs
Lab Practicals
Midterm = 2 test grades ** Weekly Standards Evaluation - 30%
Individual Quiz
Partner Review
Notebooks Success on weekly standards is directly linked to students participating daily in all learning opportunities... EOCT - 20% State law mandates that each student take an
End-Of-Course Exam in Biology, therefore there can be no exemptions from this exam. The mid-term is a county benchmark exam that all students must take. If a student meets the following requirements: (1) student has at least a 90 average and no more than two absences (no ISS or OSS) or (2) student has at least an 85 average and no more than one absence (no ISS or OSS), the mid-term exam grade will not negatively affect student’s average. Such as... Question of the Day,
Homework, Vocabulary,
Reading Assignments,
Mini-labs, Classwork,
Computer Tutorials,
Collaborative Activities, and Maintaining your
Notebook. ...from microscopic organisms to... ...to the complexities of multicellular, higher organisms. ...and examine the basic biological concepts of all living things. And see some cool stuff along the way...like this! This is called: Phototrophism Discipline for disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be in accordance with the guidelines written in the Bainbridge High School Student Handbook. I hope you will find that Biology is challenging and fun as we discuss the many concepts in this course. Class Keys for Success:
1. Give your best effort.
2. Be polite and kind.
3. Talk only when it is your turn and in an appropriate manner.
4. Stay in your seat (or in your area)
5. Come to class on time and be prepared.
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