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Hi, I'm Lucy and my main role in the production of the film is as Editor.

Lucy Usher

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Evaluation
Activities Hi, I'm Lucy and my main
role in the production of the
film is as Editor. 1) In what ways does your media
product use, develop or challenge forms
and conventions of real media products? 2) How does your media product represent particular social groups I would say our media product represents a particular social group of 16 to 30 year olds. They will be interested in the more thriller/horror genres when it comes to films and will strive for a bit of 'excitment' of what is the unkown in films. Our main character is an ordinary looking young man who however turns out to be a murderer, representing the idea that society is now changing as people we now believe are 'normal' are infact the opposite; unexpected and suspicious. 3) What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? The kind of media instituion I feel that could distribute our media product would be 20th century fox, mainly because this company distributed Hide and Seek, and therefore with this being the film we aimed to compare our project to we feel that therefore this type of company would distribute ours. This would therefore mean it wouldn't need a reasonably big budget. I feel that it would be aimed at a more mass audience as I believe the type of thriller genre is there to create suspence and unanswered questions, this of which is popular to mass audiences. 5) How did you attract/address
your audience? I believe we attracted our audience through various ways. Firstly I think that the decision to use the same aged characters as our target audience was a thoughtful one as I believe that audiences will be more inclined to see a film if they can relate in some way or put themselfes in the certain situations that the characters find themselfes in. I also think that the type of music we used attracted our audience. This is because I think that the contrast in pitches and 'rock' type feel will relate to peoples personalities and hobbies.
6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? In terms of technologies, I didn't have much experience with the editing software or the cameras to begin with but I feel like I got the hang of it quite quickly as the editing process wasn't as much of a challenge as i thought it would be. I very much enjoyed experimenting with the special effects on the editing software and learning how to do succesful transitions. 7) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? I feel we have made a lot of progress since the preliminary task, even including simple things such as keeping the camera steady and having better technology skills. I learnt to use a much wider range of camera angles than we did in the preliminary to create a meaning and make the audience feel as if they are involved. I have also learnt that sound is extremely important to not sound 'echoey' or 'fake', it has to sound smooth and therefore I was sure to include this in the project. Evaluation Activity 1 Evaluation Activity 2 In the screen grab of one of our characters and one of the characters from Hide and Seek, you can see that their facial expressions are almost identicle, for example there 'serious' look. This therefore represents that this appearence is one of the many key conventions in thriller genres. It is almost an expectation to believe that they lead a suspicious seedy underworld lifestyle. In this second screen grab, you can see the 'afraid' look on both their faces. The girl we have used in Hide and Seek at this point in the film has just seen her dad kill her mum, also in comparison the young boy in our film has also just seen the same action take place with his parents. We have used this screen shot to represent how we have tried to use the same conventional expressions that you normally see in thriller genres. Age is represented differently to a typical thriller as our character is younger than you would expect a main character in a film like this to be therefore this show how society is changing in the way that teenagers can now be in the position of domestic violence. For the equiment, I made sure that I organised to be able to have the equiment for the times that suited me best; therefore I made arrangements with my teacher and booked the camera out for a certain amount of time.

Scattered around the photo are examples of all the programs and technology I used. Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere www.blogger.com is great for keeping up to date and meeting deadlines as it is easy to use and extremely helpful. www.youtube.com was great in being able to upload your project and showing it to other people for some feedback. Whilst using photoshop I learnt how a range of things for example how to use special effects, colours, frames etc. Whilst using premiere the skills I learnt included: import/export clips, use special effects, add audio, re-arrange/delete scenes and many more... Setting/Location - Set in a house on a landing and a staircase, this being a key convention in thriller movies as it there are various thriller movies for example Hide and Seek which are set in households as they are known for having 'dark secrets' behind closed doors. Therefore, we thought following this particular convention would add to the suspense. Costumes/Props - We dressed the characters in normal everyday clothes so they didn't look like a stereotypical criminal, to represent the idea of the unkown and unexpected. The props we used included childrens toys; especially the red toy car. The toy car was one of the main props in that it was the key prop that indicated the past and the present. It also acted as the instigation for the flashback therefore had a lot of purpose behind the storyline. Camerawork/Editing - We used various angles of camerawork throughout the film including long shots, medium shots, close ups, high angle and low angle. We thought that using the variation of angles puts the audience into the situation by giving different viewpoints of how the characters are seeing things. In terms of editing, we put a lot of thought into the meaning behind the way we edited certain things, for example we used transitions regularly on the eyes to indicate past and present, this of which slowly zoomed into the expression on the characters face. We believed that doing this would result in more suspense and tension rather than standard medium shots. One of the main editing techniques we used was slow paced editing and fast paced editing. We used slow paced editing in the sitations of realistion for example when the car is dropped down the stairs which istigates the flashback, whereas we used the fast paced editing at the point of a problem or crisis. For example we used fast pace editing at the end to represent the distress of our characeter. Genre - The type of music we used is what implies the thriller genre because of the downbeat somber mood and daunting symbols. The violent acting also suggests the genre as it is what you would expect in a thriller type genre. Evaluation Activity 5 Evaluation Activity 6 Here a close up is used to bring us near to the object and lets us see something in detail. Preliminary Creative Project Here a long shot is used to put an object into context Here I followed the 180 degree rule so that it stays on one side of the action to not confuse the viewer. Here a transition is used to signify the past and present Both the preliminary and creative project use Match on Action so that movement flows seamlessly between two editing cuts. 4) What would be the audience for your media product? The main audience for our project would be 16 to 30 year olds as I believe this particular age group are those who are interested in thriller type genres. I think that using young characters will relate to the type of audience we would attract as they will also be this type of age group, therefore they may find it easier to connect with the situation and relate to the film in some way resulting in satisfaction of viewing. I also think that the type of downbeat music and low key lighting used throughout the film would attract certain niche audiences who have different personalities. We chose to keep our ident simple, to make it look professional. We chose three eyes to represent our visions combined into one production. We chose a white background to make the eyes look striking. We named our production company L2G to represent Lucy and Georgina. We also chose a simple font to add to the professional theme we were aiming for. Evaluation Activity 3 Evaluation Activity 4 Instead of diving into one genre, we brainstormed a range of genres and their conventions to decide which would be the most suitable for us to produce. For example, when brainstorming romantic comedies we thought about its key conventions of ‘love-based’ storylines and high key lighting, usually including some type of problem in a relationship and/or friendship. We then brainstormed a more Drama genre. Therefore the ideas we focused on were more on the lines of a hero or heroin on a particular ‘mission’. The music would be more serious and somber and the audience would be drawn into an enticing storyline with possible enigmas. However after various brainstorms we thought that our best option was to produce a Thriller.

After watching various Thriller type movies for example ‘Hide and Seek’, we came up with a list of conventions that we aimed to use in our product. This included:
-Iconography - A dark household environment
-A main character including a Criminal/Murderer and a Victim.
-Horror based
-Downbeat ominous music
-Low key lighting
-Parallel (synchronous) sound
-Black and White
-Varied camera angles to place the audience in the situation

We followed different parts of the storyline from Hide and Seek. For example we based our film around the idea of young boy seeing his mother murdered by his father, this of which is the same as Hide and Seek. We also used the idea of an ‘out of control’ person, this being the father in Hide and Seek who is unaware of his action, and also this being the young boy when grown up in our film.
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