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Social Media Marketing

No description

Jacqueline Cullen

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing

Social Media
Marketing By
Jacqueline Cullen Founded by Mark Zuckerberg
Launched in February 2004 What is Social Media?

Web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts. Forms of Social Media

YouTube Accounts for 90% of all time spent on social networking sites

Facebook Newsfeed visitation represents 4% of all time spent online in the US Facts & Statistics Why Market Through Social Media?

No financial Obligation, Free
Monitor Competitors
Direct Connection to Consumer
Build Consumer Relationships
Create Mass Awareness
Endorse Sweepstakes, Contests and other Promotions
Inform about endeavors relating to company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Receive Feedback on Product or Service
Improve client services
Create more informed solutions
Increase customer loyalty Marketing on Facebook

“Sponsored Stories” advertising unit

“Page Publishing” or the Fan Page (offering the “Like” button, which, if pressed, consumers are updated about the product or service on their Newsfeed)

“Stories about Friends” Facilitates information about brands between friends; expanding the company’s reach of targeted demographic Legal Limitations Trademark and Copyright Abuse by a third party
Third parties trying to pose as profile or user-names identical or substantially similar to your company’s name or brand
Business impersonation can damage a company’s brand as well as reputation
Business are advised to reserve user names that match or resemble their company’s brand Federal Trade Commission Act
applies as it would with
Traditional Media Marketing
Advertisers must ensure that all claims made are truthful and accurate and they must have substantiation for their claims before disseminating them
Must clearly and conspicuously disclose all material information regarding an offer in their advertisements Adhering to Terms
and Conditions
Prohibits the use of mass unsolicited messages (Spam)
Prohibits a marketing campaign that would lead consumers to violate the social networking site’s terms and conditions could expose the marketer to liability and damage the marketer’s standing among consumers (Ex. Promoting the public posting of content that implements a third-party’s privacy, etc.) Consumer Trust
90% of consumers value their
friends' recommendations
over advertising alone. For Savvy Marketeers,
social media is the perfect
vehicle to increase sales,
brand awareness and engagement The "Social Waters" must be navigated carefully and efficiently
to be effective Facebook Quick Tips

Facebook engagement has 3 peaks:
Early Morning, 7am
After Work, 5pm
Late Night, 11pm

Brands posting outside business hours have 20% higher engagement rates

Overall, Thursday and Friday have 18% more engagement than any other days of the week. Signing Off

Ultimately, social media marketing is one of the most prominent and effective forms of promoting brand awareness. Thank You
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