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Question 1

No description

Bryan Langdahl

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Question 1

Question 1
How does the Power Process: Surrender differ from giving up?
Question 2
List Michael Pollan's guidelines for nutrition.
Question 4
List the two main elements of stress. Then describe one strategy for managing each element.
Question 5
According to the text, the best way to deal with physical sensations of stress is to ignore them. True or false? Explain your answer.
Question 8
Key signs of dependence include the following:
a) Loss of control
b) A pattern of relapse
c) Tolerance
d) Withdrawal
e) All of the above
Question 7
Name three behaviors that signal a danger of suicide.
Question 3
List two ways you can build more physical activity into your day, outside of a scheduled time for exercise.
Question 6
The suggested guidelines for asking for help include these:
a)Ask with clarity
b)Ask with sincerity
c) Ask widely
d) Ask with an open mind
e) All of the above
Bryan and Serina
Chapter 11 Quiz

Answer: Surrender means being receptive. Once we admit that we are at the end of our rope, we open ourselves up to help. Surrender is not "giving up." It is not a suggestion to quit and do nothing about your problems. Giving up is fatalistic and accomplishes nothing.
Answer: The guidelines include:
Eat food. Choose whole, fresh foods over processed products with a lot of ingredients.
Not too much. If you want to manage your weight, then control how much you eat. notice portion sizes. Pass on snacks, seconds, and deserts-or indulge just occasionally.
Mostly plants. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are loaded with chemicals that help to prevent disease. Plant-based foods, on the whole, are also lower in calories than foods from animals (meat and dairy products).
Question 9
Stay active throughout the day. Park a little farther from work or school. Take the stairs instead of riding the elevators. For an extra workout, climb two stairs at a time.
Vary your routine. Find several activities that you like to do, and rotate them throughout the year.
One of the suggestions for dealing with addiction is "Pay attention." This implies that it's okay to use drugs, as long as you do so with full awareness. True or false? Explain your answer.
Question 10
The only option for long-term recovery from dependence is treatment based on the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. True or False? Explain your answer.
Answer: e) All of the above
Answer: The two main elements of stress are physical sensation and negative thoughts. A strategy for managing the physical element is scan your body. Simple awareness is an effective response to unpleasant physical sensations. Discover this for yourself by bringing awareness to each are of your body. A strategy for managing the mental element is to dispute thoughts. Pessimists and optimists explain events differently than the other. you can change your explanatory style to help make a difference in your stress levels.
Answer: e) All of the above
Answer: Three behaviors that signal a danger of suicide include:
a) Talking about suicide
b) Dwelling on problems
c) Feeling depressed
Answer: False, trying to deny or ignore physical sensations is a strategy that often backfires. Instead, describe your physical experience of stress in detail. Put your description in writing, tell someone about it, or do both. This is a way of opening up to the experience.
Answer: True, the text states that whenever you use alcohol or another drug, so so with awareness. Then pay attention to the consequences. Act with deliberate decision rather than out of habit or under pressure form others.
Answer: False, Some people feel uncomfortable with the AA approach. They can use other options, including private therapy and group therapy. Also, investigate organizations such as Women For Sobriety, the Secular Organizations for Sobriety, and Rational Recovery. Use whatever works for you.
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