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Scott Castro

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of Plot

1. Exposition
2. Conflict
3. Rising Action
4. Climax
5. Falling Action
6. Resolution
6 Elements of Plot
ex·po·si·tion - noun \ek-sp-zi-shn\
setting purpose and meaning
exposition occurs at the beginning of the story and includes setting and character descriptions. It also lays the foundation to what is happening at the beginning of the story.
In Finding Nemo, the audience is introduced to Marlin, Coral, and Nemo (in an egg). You are also introduced to the setting and dangers surrounding their habitat.
Exposition example
con·flict - noun \kän-flikt\
mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs.
Conflict is the problem in the story between two opposing forces. It drives the story from beginning to end.
Back to Finding Nemo. Nemo wants his dad to stop being over protective. Nemo gets in a fight with his dad. Nemo ventures off into the Drop Off and gets captured. This is the main conflict.
Conflict example
ac·tion - noun \ak-shn\
event or series of events
Rising action consists of dramatic events in the story that lead to the climax. It usually consists of small events that build the story's tension.
Yep. Finding Nemo, again. Marlin and Nemo go through many different adventures in the story. Almost every single event is considered rising action. Here are few examples that build the story suspense.
cli·max - noun \kl-maks\
the point of highest dramatic tension
The climax of the story is the highest point of action in the story. It's an explosive event as a result of the rising action
Climax Example
Marlin and Nemo are united, and Nemo proves to dad he can help the captured fish and Dori in the net. Nemo is injured. This is the highest point of suspense in the film, because we don't know the outcome.
Falling action
In the falling action, the high point of the story has occurred and the tension in the story is now gone. You are no longer on the edge of your seat and all parties can breathe a collective sigh.
Nemo comes to from being crushed by the fish and net. Nemo and Marlin are finally united after their many adventures. The suspense has ended.

Falling action example
res·o·lu·tion - noun \re-z-lü-shn\
dramatic complication is worked out
The end of the story. The conflict is solved and all the loose ends are tied up
Marlin now trusts and gives Nemo his space and they have solved their issues. Marlin now instructs the kids on the ocean. Nemo, Marlin, and Dori are happy.
resolution examples
You will plot many stories henceforth, please learn this format.
rising action
falling action
The Coca-Cola Experiment
The beginning. Before you crack the seal. You might read the label. Find out the nutritional value, color, density, texture. Or, analogous to finding out the characters and setting. The beginning.
Is it cold? Is it warm? Is it flat? Is it sweet? What's the problem?
Don't you dare open that can up. Shake it. After every event that brings upon action, shake that unopened can. Build that carbonation! This is analogous to building up suspense and tension. The carbonation wants to be released!
Rising action
OPEN THAT CAN!!! The carbonation is released. It is the high point of action. Nothing will compare to the result. The sodas contents will explode everywhere. When it settles, and the fun is over, it will slowly lead into the falling action.
The build up has occurred, and now your Coke is flat. It doesn't taste the same as it normally would because you shook it too much, taking away the taste. It's boring. This is analogous with what happens after the climax during the falling action. The story winds down and the tension stops.
Falling action
Nothing left to do but throw that Coke in the trash, or end the story.
Analogy: Blowing up a balloon is to Rising Action as popping that balloon is to Falling Action
Traditional Conflicts
person vs. person
person vs. society
person vs. nature
person vs. self (internal)
person vs. machine
person vs. supernatural
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