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Acuma Support

Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse Support

Ryan Moore

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Acuma Support

Acuma Support
Who we are
Acuma Solutions, a part of the Saksoft Group, is a leading provider of Information Management solutions.

We have been in the business of BI for nearly 20 years. We provide consultancy, training and support services for a customer base of over 110 satisfied clients in the UK.
What we do
Acuma Support provides the following services for your
BI and DWH solutions:
Product Support
Application Support
Managed Service
BI in the Cloud
BI & ETL Product Support
As support partner with top BI technology providers Acuma offers product support for a wide range business intelligence products.
Under this option you get personalised support for your implementation of the product as opposed to the generic support you normally get direct from the provider.
BI & DWH Application Support
BI solutions often use a combination of products and applications.

Dealing with multiple support providers when resolving critical issues can be daunting, which is why Acuma offers Application Support

A service that deals with the entire BI solution rather than specific products within the solution.
BI Managed Service
Under the Managed Service option, our dedicated support team will manage and maintain your BI application environment.  

This service allows you to gain all the benefits of a leading edge BI solution without the hassles of extending your IT team to support it.
A managed service allows you to focus on strategic BI initiatives while Acuma manages service availability, administration, maintenance and support of your BI application
BI in the Cloud
Acuma's BI on the cloud service brings together the best of BI technology in a cloud computing architecture forming a quick, efficient and cost effective BI platform

We provide multiple service and deployment models to suit your requirements and budget
Service Models
Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
How we do it
Why we're the best
Flexible and custom service models

Proven credentials in managing support projects for various customers in UK, Europe and globally

The right size to be flexible and rapidly build teams to meet customer requirements

Partnership with key technology vendors (IBM, Microsoft, Cognos, Netezza, Oracle and BusinessObjects)
Process adherence using ISO and SEI CMMI Level 5.

Mixed model for rapid ROI and overall cost reduction
Adherence to SLA
Tech Support for Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing Solutions
12 reasons to switch now
For more info visit
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