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Sticky Notes

No description

Margaux Metraz

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Sticky Notes

ESCE - 03.27.2013 Sticky Smart Index Concept
Sponsors & Co-Branding
Porter’s 5 forces
Surveys Concept A Sticky Notes pad included in a smartphones protection cover Sponsors &
Co-Branding French phone operator Target men and women between 25-50
living in urban areas Alexandra Jay
Jingjie Li
Margaux Metraz-Brunand
Kristina Sanson
Ugur Ozsoner Variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit the different covers SFR Smartphone's covers manufacturer Belkin profesionnally active and/or could have kids (1 to 5) and has a confortable income smartphone users with some difficulties managing several tasks always carrying the phone around who want a simple and easy solution to note some personal stuff Values Handy, within reach Easy to use Organisation at work & home Values Visibility Word-of-mouth Low-cost publicity Cost-efficientcy product Customizable Refills Problematic? How to refill the pad? Solutions: Long-term relationship Refills can be given out: for every new subscriptions
for sponsoring new clients
as a loyalty gift S.W.O.T. - Co-branding:

SFR = 28% of the market, good offers for professionals i.e. our target customers. (www.vivendi.com)
Belkin = One of the leaders in electronic accessories, and has a wide product range from wireless home networking to phone accessories. (www.belkin.com)

=> Potential growth and brand recognition Strenghts S.W.O.T. - Smartphone's sticky notes application

On Android or Itunes, Sticky Notes apps = widely popular (diversity, features and options)
Our product = Non-electronic Weaknesses Opportunities - Booming market for smartphones:

October 2012: Smartphones = 51% of the mobile phone market in France i.e. +13% 2011 (www.comscore.com)

Expensive and fragile devices = Use of protective covers. S.W.O.T. Threaths - Digitalized and virtualized world- Consumer's growing tendency to go for non-binding offers:

Entry of Free Mobile (5,2 M subscriptions) on the French mobile market = low cost mobile plans without time condition (www.iliad.fr)! Our product relies on long-term subscriptors and consumer loyalty (refills) Porter's "5 forces" Competitive rivalry within the industry Bargaining power of customers Bargaining power of suppliers Threats of new entrants Threats of substitutes products High Medium Low High High Surveys Opinon on the usefullness of the concept Over 61 persons interviewed: 54 own a smartphones 12 got both personal and professional smartphones 53 contracted with one of the 3 majors French phone operators Over 61 persons interviewed: 44 bought a protection cover 38 downloaded a "Memo" apps but 21 of them never use it to write info during a call 100% still use a piece of paper and a pen (if they find some nearby) Standardized pen included Sticky Smart Thank you for your attention
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