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The Aman

Club, resort & spa

Sarah Khaled

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of The Aman

Helping guests achieve the best LIFE throughout their stay
Luxurious comfort, Implicit attention, Faithful service, Experiences redefined
Target Market
Luxury traveler, namely Baby Boomers and Generation X
Stable employment, high disposable income, splurge on “self-rewarding” behaviour
Landscape, architecture & room design reflect the charm & romanticism of the colonial era, especially British India
High-tech & high-touch: offering best of both worlds allows guest to personalise their own stay
Pools with the

to exceed guest expectations
wow factor
Celebrity restaurant | Spa shop | Gourmet patisserie
Public shops selling signature products act as additional profit centres & allow guests to
bring the experience home
Target market is the largest users of alternative medicine, hence encourages them to utilise spa during stay
Focus on organic & sustainable products to create brand loyalty among green consumers
Rise of the metrosexual:
dedicated line of men-centric treatments, coinciding with the Personalisation element
wellness therapy balances

& focuses on

by certified practitioners for
Support resort’s goal of total wellness by offering a fully-equipped gym and fitness classes
Harness golfers' high spending power by offering special privileges with Sentosa Golf Club
Wellness coaches specialising in aesthetics, fitness, or spiritual wellness can follow up with guest progress post-stay
This allows The Aman to forge

increasing the chances of

Exclusive perk of an extensive wine cellar with an in-house sommelier to encourage guests to taste and spend on fine wine
Membership system encourages members to continually

during their stay, or separately especially in terms of the club and spa & enables the creation of attractive

To all 3 components, The Aman will utilise
to create a truly memorable stay and help guests link the fragrance with positive memories
and emotions

Club, resort & spa gel together to provide

to the guests, and help achieve peace of
mind, body & spirit.
The overall goal is to produce
for the guests based on their individual goals, whether it’s detox, lose weight, attain fresh wellness habits or simply destress.
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