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Vanessa K

on 1 May 2016

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Transcript of Technology

Enter: Professor C and Professor K
Telecommunication enables communication through various devices over a long distance
After World War II, significant developments were made to communication devices, followed by new and simpler methods of communication
Intended purpose of expanding the modern use of technology among individuals
ABC Television Station was launched in Sydney
Television broadcasts allowed Australians to connect and be informed with the rest of the world
Television broadcast was a new and refined method of communication
Menzies Governments announced idea of television in Australia
Australia's first mobile phone was launched in 1987
Enabled fast online interactions and easy access to online media
Major expression of identity
Mobile phone manufacturing increased remarkably during the 1990s
The Walkabout TM
The internet was created in the late 1960's. The establishment was a group effort by many individuals.
Utilised by a government as a weapon in the Cold War
The internet was available to the public in 1983.
Significant period of time referred to as the "birth of the internet"
Internet became available in Australia on 23 June 1989 by Robert Elz of the University of Melbourne
Enabled Australians to access information, communicate with others and inform the public of news updates
ENIAC developed in 1946 by John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert
Growing interest in devices such as laptops, phones and tablets.
Australia's first computer, CSIR Mk1, 1949
Mass production occurring due to the immeasurable popularity of the devices
Australia's second computer, IBM 701, released in 1952
Generation of gas and electric hybrid models
Establishment of cars allowed for further travel and less train reliability
Environmental awareness, high priced oil and gasoline has affected the way in which cars were previously fuelled
Toyota Prius
Ford Fusion Hybrid
Jet engines arrived in the 1950s, replacing prop-engines
Jet engines enabled planes to fly faster and further
Air travel has expanded tourism and trade due to its popularity
Jet engines
Qantas initiated an "around the world" service in 1958
Impacted on Australia's culture, society and identity
Influenced by other countries
1950s and 1960s - a period of significance for Australian air travel
Introduction of automation through land and air transport has facilitated the movement of goods and people
This game will involve 4 questions. Options will be provided in some questions.
The first to yell out the correct answer after the question is read out will be rewarded with a prize
1. In which decade was Australia’s first computer invented?
2. Which Australian Airline was the first to initiate an “around the world” service?
3. In what year was Facebook invented? Extra brownie points for who invented it!
2004 Mark Zuckerberg
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