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2 Voice Poetry as a Strategy

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on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of 2 Voice Poetry as a Strategy

Two Voice Poetry as a Strategy
Introduction & Questions
Questions for Research
Can two voice poetry be used to effectively teach multiple literary elements in Language Arts?
Can two voice poetry be used to teach different topics and grade levels throughout English?
Can two voice poetry be used to effectively teach in different content areas about different subjects?
Using two voice poetry to teach different literary elements.
I used two voice poetry as a strategy to teach "voice" to my 10th grade Honors class. Students had to choose two opposing or contradicting ideas or objects and create a two voice poem emphasizing the unique side of each.
Students revised their original two voice poems to add in metaphors or similes. Each side needed to include a parallel simile or metaphor
Outcome: 34/34 students completed the assignment with 95% mastery which suggests that two voice poetry is an effective strategy to teach various literary elements.
Using two voice poetry across various aspects of ELA and grade levels
During our unit on the Media and Journalism, I taught my students Argument. As a strategy, to show opposing sides of an issue, I taught my 11th graders how to write a two voice poem. In pairs, students had to pick an issue that is commonly covered in the media, and write a two voice poem showing each side of the issue. Of 120 students in regular ELA, 85% attained Mastery*.
Using two voice poetry in different content areas.
Based on an article I found, "Poems for Two Voices: An Interdisciplinary Activity," by Leslie Perfect Ricklin, a professor in the Dept. of Education at Eastern Connecticut Sate University, I determined that two voice poetry could be an effective strategy in other content areas. I used two of the poems from Ricklin's article, and one poem from my argument lesson, and asked 3 colleagues to try using two voice poetry as a strategy in their classrooms.
2 voice poetry is an AWESOME strategy!
Based on research I have done within my own classes, and the classrooms of my colleagues, as well as research from articles and other resources, 2 voice poetry can be used to effectively teach:
Literary Elements
Multiple areas of Language Arts
Different Grade Levels
Different subjects and content areas

Live Action Research
by Elizabeth Wallace
MEng 6110

Mastery was determined using a rubric that included the required elements of voice, metaphors, and similes. Also, the style and organization or the poems were factors in the rubric.
Poetry is an extensive and wide ranging genre that is taught, with varying degrees of success, in most Language Arts classes. Many students, in high school, hear the word “poetry” and shut-down. They tune out, assuming that 1. They are going to fail because they do not think they can write poetry, or 2. They think it is going to be the same old rhymes and sonnets their teachers have been throwing at them for the last 7 - 8 years. Two voice poetry is a unique form of poetry that may be more accessible to students who lack the confidence and/or desire to write poetry.
Mastery was determined using a rubric. The poems had to have the elements of Argument, including claim and evidence, as well as meet the style and organization requirements of a two voice poem.
Mrs. Durtschi:
AP Government
Mrs. Durtschi was teaching a unit on the various political parties. She used two voice poetry as a strategy to compare and contrast different parties, their platforms, and their ideologies. I did not grade or asses the poems, however, Mrs. Durtschi filled out a questionnaire which stated that she found the strategy "highly effective" and would use the strategy again in the future.
Mrs. Braden: US History
Mrs. Braden taught a unit on Women's Suffrage. She used two voice poetry as a strategy to illustrate women's rights and arguments for and against suffrage. Her poems focused on voice, primarily women vs. men and women vs. women.
I did not asses the poems but Mrs. Braden said that the strategy was "highly effective" and that she could see many possible ways to use it to teach history.
Mr. Edel: IB Biology
At this point Mr. Edel has not taught two voice poetry to his students. So, I will be going into his classroom to teach the strategy. We will be working together to create a model for his students but he plans to leave the area of focus for the poems broad and open to any aspect of bio that his students wish to concentrate on.

Other contents
As Ricklin points out in her article, two voice poetry can potentially work in any area, including Math, Social Studies, Geography, Health and even athletics. As I continue to develop this strategy, I hope to share it in my collaborative meetings and SLCs.
However, from the small amount of research I have done, it is an effective strategy to use in other content areas.
On a Side Note...
At the end of this unit, my final assessment was a writing project in which the students had to demonstrate two of their own unique voices through two different genres. 75% of them chose to create a new two voice poem that demonstrated their personal voices.
Of further note, in the future, I would like to see if the IB English teacher would be willing to teach the strategy to the students first (since they share the same kids), and then Edel could integrate their knowledge into his content.
Excerpts of Examples:
Marijuana should be legal...
Marijuana should stay illegal...
Marijuana is an herb...
Marijuana is a gateway drug...
Marijuana can help people
in pain...
Marijuana hurts people and their families ....

Ricky and Danika, ELA 11 3rd Per.
I am a Democrat I am a Republican
Government is there to
take care of society.
Government should stay out of my way.
I want to raise taxes to
help the poor.
I want to lower taxes, I earned my money.
You are Wrong!
A woman should have the
right to choose whether or
not to have a baby.
Abortion is evil.
Global warming is
destroying the planet.
Global warming is a made up fear tactic.
You are Wrong!

Students from Mrs. Durtchi's 12th grade AP Govt class.
2012 school year vs. 2013 school year
I think this year will start off pretty great! New school, new year, new friends!
I made office!
I didn't make office ...
I made the basketball team!
I got cut first round...
Is going my way
Reem. EA 2 H ELA 10 8th Per
Suffragist vs. Traditional
I want my voice to be heard!
My husband says I should be seen, not heard.
I want my daughters to have
equal rights!
My son will choose for my daughter.
I will starve until I am given
the right to vote.
I will work quietly in my kitchen.
Students from Mrs. Braden's US History class.
Works Cited
Dean , Deborah. Strategic Writing: The Writing
Process and Beyond in the Secondary English Classroom. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2006. Print.

Ricklin, Leslie P. "Poems for Two Voices: An
Interdisciplinary Activity." Middle Level Learning. 25. (2006): M14-M15. Web.
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