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Security Software

Firewalls and antivirus. Goes along with roleplay excercise

Mr Purdie

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Security Software

Security Software An Antivurus Antivirus Firewall What we're going to do Everyone on the outside of
the desks is ANTIVIRUS.

Everyone on the inside of
the desks is a COMPUTER. Antivirus - raise your hands Computers... raise your hands Except for... Viruses can steal your data Or destroy it! ANTIVIRUS... Do a "scan" of the files on your computer Compare the contents with your virus list.
If there's a virus, keep the file away from the computer. If not, give it back. COMPUTERS... Sort through the messages that you have left Send one or more to another Computer
Do this by holding them up and QUIETLY telling the Internet where to deliver them INTERNET... Collect the messages and deliver them to the ANTIVIRUS at the correct desk ANTIVIRUS... Check each message that arrives against your virus list. If it contains a virus, keep it away from the computer.
If it has no virus, pass it to the computer. STOP!!! COMPUTERS... Check the messages you received.

Do you have any of the following words on them? Prison Cyclo Valentine Worm Zebra Sawblade Trampoline Birthday Exodus Deep Sea New Year Peanut Apple REMEMBER: New viruses are released all the time.

If you don't update your scanner, you won't be protected! FIREWALLS So... where do firewalls come in? digital attacks bounced private data kept safe TROJANS These are programs which sneak onto your computer disguised as nice things: free programs
add-ons for MSN
"You Have Won..."
"Click this link to enter..." And so on. ??? DESIGN A POSTER Do some searching online. Use the terms: Firewall
Computer virus or other related ones you can think of. Your poster can be on any one of these, or all of them.
It should give a message. For example: Why viruses are bad and what they can do
Why you should use a firewall
Why you should use antivirus software
Other useful ways to avoid being infected Use your imagination!
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