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religious freedom prior to 1700s

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Jennifer Aparicio

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of religious freedom prior to 1700s

Extent of Religious Freedom in British
North American Colonies Prior to The 1700's Jennifer Aparicio New England Colonies Middle Colonies Southern Colonies Not much religious freedom due to Puritan influence.
The Puritan church was the only one permitted.
All people were required to belong to it. New England Colonies Rhode Island was an exception .
Founded by Roger Williams on the basis that everyone had the right to practice their religion as they pleased to. Were the most tolerant of all the colonies. Middle Colonies Southern Colonies Was somewhat tolerant as the colonies seemed to be divided. Not everyone conformed to the strict Puritan society.
Anne Hutchinson believed in salvation by personal experience of God, without the need for obedience to church laws. William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, established the most generous terms. All religions were welcome and none was imposed. Were under the influence of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers that believed in religious freedom for anyone and everyone. New York was an exception as it was governed
a strict Dutchman, Peter Stuyvesan. Was very against religious freedom as New York already had an established church
Was especially oppressive of Jews. Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina had established
South Carolina allowed religious freedom.
Maryland claimed to have religious freedom but they
were limited to only Catholics.
Virginia did not have religious toleration and was
stricty Protestant.
North Carolina was a safe haven for people fleeing
Protestant Virginia.
Was very religiously diverse.
Attempted to establish the Church of England but was met
with much opposition.
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