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Comparing Presentation Software: Going Beyond Powerpoint

IT 100 Assignment

lakisha mcmillian

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Comparing Presentation Software: Going Beyond Powerpoint

Comparing Presentation Software
Going Beyond PowerPoint PowerPoint OpenOffice Prezi Microsoft PowerPoint has been around the longest and more consumers have either heard of it or used it. PowerPoint is preload with a very large ClipArt library which is something that the other programs don’t have. This gives you a lot of options creatively. Also you do not have to create an account or purchase a monthly or annually plan to use PowerPoint.
OpenOffice is a freeware program that is very similar to Microsoft Word. It has a lot of Microsoft Words functionalities and it is constantly being developed all the time which means that it is always bei ng updated. You can publish your slides online with OpenOffice by importing your slides to your flashdrive. Prezi seems to be the easiest to use out of all of the other presentation softwares. Prezi gives you a basic blank slate to begin with. You add frames where ever you want and you add what you want to the frames. Prezi has ten pre-made themes to choose from. SlideRocket SlideRocket allows you to import images from your existing presentations including ones created from PoweraPoint. You can also file share easily with SlideRocket. You can publish your presentation to a URL and share it, or embed it to a web page without bulky attachments. Then, send an invite to those you want to see your presentation. The Breakdown Prezi
Pro: This is a web app with desktop access, so you can edit and play your presentations anywhere that has internet connection.
Con: You have to buy the Pro version to get offline desktop access. This can be a bit pricey. A yearlong subscription cost $159.00.

Open Office
Pro: Open Office has a look and feel that’s very similar to Microsoft Office and it imports and exports files excellently. It is also absolutely free.
Con: Sometimes importing alters the original format and there is no ribbon interface.

Pro: SlideRocket is cloud-based so you can create your presentation easy and have quick access to them.
Con: It’s not free. You have to pay a monthly charge. Even to see examples, you must pay $15.00. Also, there are still a few features that don’t work yet which means this system has bugs.

Pro: PowerPoint is one of the oldest and most trusted software on the list. If it’s not on your computer, you can just purchase the software and not worry about a monthly fee like some of the other software’s. It also has a huge preloaded library of clipart.
Con: PowerPoint can be a bit confusing to use and sometimes uses too much space.
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