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LSRCA part deux

No description

Lisa Hastings

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of LSRCA part deux

Lisa Hastings-Beck
Director, Public Affairs and Communications
Parc Downsview Park Inc. Secondary Plan Area is centrally located in the City of Toronto
Presents a unique opportunity to develop a significant national urban park, new residential neighbourhoods and employment areas
All in a park-like setting
Well served by public transit New TTC subway/GO Transit station in 2015. Potential to accommodate up to 42,000 new residents and workers. Challenge To raise the organization's profile in preparation for the Downsview Area Secondary Plan Review Improve existing communications vehicles Create additional communications vehicles and opportunities for dialogue Expand reach of communications efforts. Improve relations with community, tenants, media and other stakeholders Land transfered from federal government in 1999
Mandate to be self-financing
Administrative control transferred in 2006 Climate? Community Tenants Media Sell/lease land to maintain Park
Create a sustainable community for live, work and play “Very informative; although I’ve been a member of this community for almost 30 years, I wasn’t aware of all that is offered and all that has been done to make Downsview Park so beautiful and enjoyable for us within the community.” “I am very pleased to hear about the expansion and upgrades to the Downsview Park. Sending out a newsletter is a fantastic idea and a great way to keep the community up to date with what’s happening! Thank you for the very informative letter and look forward to future communication with you.” “A fabulous newsletter. Professionally put together and very informative. Please keep sending me more so that I can learn about the various activities that go on at Downsview Park. I’d like to bring my family!” “I have lived in the area for three years and I didn’t know Downsview <Park> had all of these things offered.”
“Our family finds the newsletters very informative. We live in the area, but don’t get to the public meetings. The pictures of a “glimpse into the future” are interesting. I also work close by and will be telling my co-workers about the plans for the future development of Downsview Park. Keep up the good work!”
“Can’t wait to walk around the gardens and the lake. I walk around the Hangar soccer fields on Thursdays. Great idea for winter.” “With reference to what PDP might actually look like, this newsletter is by far the best.” “Thanks for the community update. Very informative! I’d like to help. How can I become a volunteer?” "Right now, the best way to describe Downsview is a historically rich — and potentially revolutionary — work in progress."
Who? Provides a land use and development framework that supports the significant public investment in rapid transit infrastructure and the National Urban Park. What and where? Why? When? 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011... Attendance at tenant meetings up 63 per cent over 2008
Park visits up 15 per cent over 2008 (now 1.5 million)
Canada Day Festival attendance up 25,000 to 100,000
Trail of Lights attendance up 110 per cent from prior year
Movies Under the Stars attendance increased over 35 per cent from 2008
Media coverage/mentions -- positive and controversial -- increased over 40 per cent
Email database increased over 20 per cent since 2008
Number of complaints received from public (via mail, telephone, email) decreased over years prior. Thank you.
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