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New York

No description

Sophia Viklicky

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of New York

popular sport
New York
The most popular city of the US

general facts
geography and history
11 september 2001

times square

statue of liberty

central park

flag of NewYork
part of the state "New York"
most popular and most populous state of the US
~ 8 million inhabitants
grounded in 1624
5 boroughs: ----------->
mayor: Bill de Blasio
Marvin Follet, 10b
sad day

3000 died

3200 lost her family

twin towers destroyed

located on the east coast

near to Jersey City

first expeditions to NY in 1524

Colonization began in 1624

Lady gaga: singer

Robert de niro: actor

Sylvester stallon: actor
american football



ice hockey

famous characters: born and raised in new york
list of references:

live-cam of the time-square
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