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Kelp Forest Food Web

Slijk Bio project

Elaine Cheng

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Kelp Forest Food Web

Primary Consumer
Secondary/Tertiary Consumer
Secondary Consumer
Primary Consumer
Kelp Forest Food Web
Tiger Shark
Sea Urchin
Primary/Secondary Consumer
Primary Consumer
Sea Otter
Sea Cucumber
Thanks for watching! :)
Elaine Cheng, Justin Chong, Erik Francis
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Algae are found in the kelp forest floor. They collect the rays of sun penetrating the ocean water for photosynthesis. Many living things also eat them, like sea urchins, starfish, abalone, etc.
Kelp stretch from the ocean floor to the top of the kelp forest biome. It is a producer and is eaten by animals such as the Garibaldi.
The Garibaldi is California's state fish, and is found often around the kelp because that is its main source of food. The Garibaldi is the food of tiger sharks.
The tiger shark lives around the surface of the kelp forest to avoid being tangled in the kelp forest. It eats Garibaldi, starfish, sea otters, etc. It is at the top of the food chain.
The sea urchin belongs at the floor of the kelp forest. It feeds primarily on kelp and algae. It is eaten by sea otters and starfish.
Starfish live at the bottom of the kelp forest. They eat algae, kelp, and sea urchins. Starfish are consumed by tiger sharks.
Abalone can be found clinging on to rocks in a kelp forest. They eat algae and kelp, and are eaten by sea otters.
Sea otters are found swimming at the surface or the middle of a kelp forest. They eat abalone and sea urchins. They are eaten by tiger sharks.
Sea cucumbers are found on the kelp forest floor. They eat almost everything that is dead. It is a decomposer.
Tertiary Consumer
Sea Lion
Sea lions eat Garibaldi and sea otters. They live in the middle of the kelp forest, and are hunted by tiger sharks.
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