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Julius Cesar

No description

Vriska Serket

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Julius Cesar

Army Life
Political rise to power
Ceaser was greatly in debt, so I decided take on Gaul in a battle. After a grueling long fight they surrendered. But now I had lots of money and land.
The day I was born
After taking over Rome the traitors Brutus and the gang stabbed me I mean STABBED ME!!!!!!!!!!! why because I was to awesome. The moral of the story is be awesome and don't let getting prison shanked let you down. And for all that, they only named a stupid salad after me.
One day I was captured by pirates. I threatened them that I would crucify them if they did not let me go. They did not, actually they raised the ransom from 22 to 5o marks. I was picked up by the navy. Angry, I gathered a fleet and attacked the pirates. Staying true to my word I crucified them.
When my father died I became the head of the family, so I did what any good roman would and, joined the army.
I was born during a dark age in the Roman Empire. The rulers were pitifully weak and fragile. But I the great Julius would bring down a new age...
Julius Caesar
As I grew I noticed the class difference, my family had no political influence, but other family's had much more than us. They abused power by hurting the working man with bad laws, and deterring great ideas. It was a truly corrupt system.
Growing Up
During my time in the army I was awarded a medal during a important siege I displayed "true initiative" and was a model roman soldier this surprised me and my associates.
On the day I was relieved of my duty of being Governor I led a legion of roman soldiers into Rome, this caused a civil was. I took over the government making Rome a empire.
Civil war
On my return to Rome I was elected as the military tribune. The next year I was elected as quaestor, also my wife died. I then moved to Spain were I had a realization while staring at a statue of Alexander the great.
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